Matt Laporta: Where Are You?

Anthony SlaterContributor IMarch 13, 2017

The Cleveland Indians have traded two Cy Young winners in the last two years and it has resulted in a combined ZERO current players on the major league roster.

I seem to remember that the Indians received one of the best young position prospects in baseball.

Matt Laporta was briefly called up early in the season but could not find a way into the starting lineup.

Many fans were wondering why Wedge wouldn't give the top prospect any consistent at bats in the majors.

Wedge and Shapiro responded of course with not giving him any kind of consistent playing time, but just sending him back to the minors where he has proved everything he needs to.

After watching the Indians get shut out in Minnesota, that would now be a combined one run in the last three games, I continue to wonder why I have to look at Chris Gimenez, Andy Marte, and Trevor Crowe get consistent at bats.

I decided to look at what Matt Laporta had done on this night when Cleveland got two hits in being shut out by Scott Baker.

Matt Laporta went four for four last night with two home runs. That would mean he had two more hits than the Indians last night and drove in double the runs they have in the past three games.

Meanwhile, Chris Gimenez has not gotten a hit in his last 30 at bats and counting. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous?

Laporta will probably be called up Sept. 1, about five months too late, and given spotty playing time

Enjoy your job Wedge, you have about a month and a half. On second thought, Shapiro will probably give him a five-year extension.