Dana White Declares War... It's 2002 All Over Again

Ken FossAnalyst IAugust 14, 2009

In a surprise worthy of Uwe Boll, the UFC signs 13-11 Middleweight Phil Baroni.

There's so many places you could go here its almost not fair to the New York Bad Ass, so i'll simply say whose next Dana White, Ruben Villareal? Pat Smith's looking for a job, maybe we can finally make Mir vs. Smith happen.

Strikeforce who drew the ire of one Dana White following their bold bid for one Fedor Emelianenko are now the victim of probably the most pathetic payback signing in the history of time.

It's like if Coca Cola lost rights to Sprite, so they steal away Puffed Rice from Pepsi.

I know deathblow right...

The New York Bad Ass, known for two devastating knockout victories over Amar Suloev and Dave Menne, now is a poster child for how to fade after the first round.

Over his last 11 fights he's only managed a 5-6 record, highlighted by his last fight where he was thoroughly dominated by Joe Riggs in June, and his first fight with Strikeforce, where he was choked unconscious by Frank Shamrock, a man with no ACL ligament in his knee.

What's more pathetic is the spin job that Strikeforce has used, They seem to want you to believe that the one time middleweight title challenger, was cut following his defeat against Joe Riggs.

The smarter tact would have been to release the following

Dear Media,

Phil Baroni.... LOL!


Scott Coker

Reports of Phil Baroni's first opponent at Welterweight appear to be circulating, but no amount of ZUFFA spin can cover up this one. 

I look forward to his ring walk into UFC 105, because Phil Baroni's career as anything but an entertainer has long since past.

Perhaps in more important news, the UFC seems to have trained all fire at the San Jose based Strikeforce, looking to crush the blossoming organization beneath their large feet, even if it means grossly devaluing their product in the process.

One things for sure ladies and gentlemen... The UFC will never see another welterweight like Baroni... til they unveil their next signing... Pete Spratt.