Michael Vick Almost a Bengal? Fans Give A Sigh at Signing With Eagles

Kyle StrittholtCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

Michael Vick has just been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles, which is surprising, as head Coach Andy Reid distanced himself in an early interview this week with ESPN.

He said that the Eagles are happy with their quarterback situation and he hoped that Vick would get a second chance with another team.

Now Vick is headed to Philly to become teammates with Donovan McNabb. This should help Vick with his character and in becoming more of a complete quarterback.

The Eagles weren’t the only ones in the hunt for Vick. It's not such a big surprise that the Cincinnati Bengals offered Vick a two-year deal.

If this would have taken place, I think that all the progress that Marvin Lewis has made would have went up in flames in the blink of an eye.

The Bengals have been known for trying to give players second chances, but most of the second chances they give have been on their own sidelines.

They signed Tank Johnson and drafted Bernard Scott, who has been arrested on more than one occasion, but that hasn’t really been an issue because the Bengals had a pretty solid offseason.

Bringing in a guy like Vick, who needs to be taught and be around good character people, would not work with the Bengals.

It would take just one incident for Vick to be kicked out of the NFL for good, and hanging out with Chris Henry and Chad Ochocinco would not help.

Vick is a good fit for the Eagles, only because they have a head coach that will help Vick with what he needs and he will be around guys who have enough sense not to go out and get arrested for stupid things like drunk driving and possession of weed.

I think all the Bengals fans should breathe a breath of relief that Michael Vick is not on this team.

From an athletic standpoint, if Vick is as good as he once was, it would be amazing move for the Bengals, but there is just too much controversy surrounding it.

Like McNabb said, it will only be a while until defenses find out how to stop the Wildcat Formation, and Michael Vick is a quarterback—not a receiver or a halfback.

The Bengals need to focus on getting another running back and there are a lot in free agency. I’d like to see Warrick Dunn make a visit to Cincy and also bring Rudi Johnson back for a workout.

The Bengals have done a pretty decent job this year in the draft. They need to continue and not make a move that will take more fans out of the stands this season.