Dream Match Ups by the Numbers

Scott BeebySenior Analyst IAugust 14, 2009

Over the years we have all thought about dream match ups. One of the most famous occurrences was at Wrestlemania X8, when we saw a once in a generation type match between The Rock and Hulk Hogan.

Everyone has a different opinion on who they'd like to see in a match or which two wrestlers from different eras would work well in the ring together, but what if we ran through the numbers and matched up wrestlers based on those same numbers. The numbers never lie, so it's hard to dispute these selections.

I only selected current wrestlers from WWE and TNA as a general rule of thumb. Those two companies have a lot of the most recognizable names in the business, so I just stuck to using them.

In each match up you will find at least one common theme, whether that is both participants of the match having the same amount of a certain championship or even both having achieved a certain milestone in their wrestling career.

There's a bit of a WWE vs. TNA feel to the match ups as well. That's mostly because if these matches were possible on one show than they probably would have already happened.

Imagine these matches as part of a joint PPV. There will be no repeat appearances by any of the superstars, but the matches that they are a part of will most likely be one of their specialty matches.

NOTE: When tallying the championships belts of each of the superstars I only counted belts from WWE/F, TNA, ROH, WCW, ECW, NWA, and WWA. I also counted TNA's X Division title to be equal with WWE's Intercontinental title.


High Flyers:

Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles

Both men have held a world championship on three occasions, as well as being Grand Champions for their respective companies. They are both known for their high flying, daredevil antics and would put on an absolute spot-fest.

Jeff Hardy: 3 World titles, 7 Tag Team titles, 4 Intercontinental titles

AJ Styles: 3 World titles, 6 X Division titles, 5 Tag Team titles


Two time Women Champions:

Michelle McCool vs. Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim

One from WWE, one from TNA, and one from both. All of these women have held a women's title on two occasions, and they are also very capable in the ring. A women's triple threat match? It would be a very good match in my opinion.

Michelle McCool: 1 Women's title, 1 Diva's title

Angelina Love: 2 Knockout's titles

Gail Kim: 1 Women's title, 1 Knockout's title


Next Generation Of Tag Team Wrestling:

Legacy vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Legacy are two time WWE World Tag Team Champions, and MCMG have won two Tag Team Championships in Japan. Both teams are young and have big futures ahead of them.

Legacy: 2 WWE World Tag Team Titles.

MCMG: 1 IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles, 1 ZERO1-MAX International Lightweight Tag Team Title.

Battle Of The "Extremists"

Mick Foley vs. Christian

Both are four time world champions, as well as being numerous time tag team champions. They have also both wrestled in WWE, TNA, and ECW. Could Christian prove himself to be just as hardcore as Mrs. Foley's baby boy, or would the experienced Foley prevail?

Mick Foley - 4 World titles, 8 Tag Team titles, 1 TNA Legends title

Christian - 4 World titles, 3 Intercontinental titles, 9 Tag Team titles


No World Championships:

Shelton Benjamin vs. Christopher Daniels

Both of these men are incredibly talented individuals, but somehow they've been overlooked in their respective promotions for the Heavyweight title. This would be somewhat of a grudge match where the winner could walk away saying "I might not be a World Champion yet, but at least I beat the other guy!"

Shelton Benjamin: 2 Tag Team titles, 3 Intercontinental titles, 1 United States title

Christopher Daniels: 8 Tag Team titles, 4 X Division titles


Triple Crown Triple Threat:

Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Booker T

One from WWE, one from TNA, and one that's been in both. A good sample of wrestlers to help determine which promotion is superior.

Samoa Joe: 2 World titles, 3 X Division titles, 1 Tag Team title

Rey Mysterio: 7 Tag Team titles, 1 World title, 2 Intercontinental titles, 8 Cruiserweight titles

Booker T: 6 World titles, 15 Tag Team titles


Dominant Women:

Beth Phoenix vs. Awesome Kong

The top two women of the PWI top 50 women from 2008 could put on a classic match. They've both won two women's titles in their respective promotions, which means it could be closer than most people think. This match would be a true show of the strength in the women's and knockout's divisions.

Beth Phoenix:2 Women's titles

Awesome Kong: 2 Knockout's titles


PWI 500 #1 Elimination Chamber:

Kurt Angle vs. Batista vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Kevin Nash

All of these men have placed first in the annual PWI 500 at some point in their career, so where better to find out who is the real #1 than an elimination chamber? They all have experience in the match type, so the outcome would be fascinating.

Shawn Michaels: 4 World titles, 4 Tag Team titles, 3 Intercontinental title

Randy Orton: 5 World titles, 1 Tag Team title, 1 Intercontinental title

John Cena: 5 World titles, 3 United States titles, 2 Tag Team titles

Kurt Angle: 13 World titles, 2 Tag Team titles, 1 Intercontinental title, 1 X Division title

Kevin Nash: 6 World titles, 11 Tag Team titles, 1 Intercontinental title

Batista: 5 World titles, 4 Tag Team titles


13 World Heavyweight Championships:

Triple H vs. Sting

We hear a lot about Kurt Angle being a 13 time champion, but four of those championships came when he was in amateur wrestling, one of which is his famous Olympic gold medal. That is why He's not mentioned in this match.

Triple H and Sting are not only 13 time World Champions, but they have both been featured at #1 in the PWI 500.

Triple H: 13 World titles, 5 Intercontinental titles, 1 Tag Team title

Sting: 13 World titles, 4 Tag Team title, 2 WCW United States titles


This card is so stacked that notable superstars such as The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Jeff Jarrett, Edge, Team 3D, and Mickie James don't get to wrestle!

So what do you think about these dream match ups? Would you like to see them happen one day? Who do you think would win? Leave a comment and let me know! Thanks for reading.


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