The Raptors Final Roster Spot: Should It Be Left Vacant?

Brad NortonCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

A question continually going through my mind is if the Toronto Raptors should just leave the final roster spot open or should it be filled?

Let's Look at who is Ideal to fill our final roster spot. Well, filling in some potential depth issues at PF and SF.

Now, these are in no particular order and our completely randomized.


Potential Guys Who Can Fill the Final Spot


Brent Petway

Well, Brent Petway is questionable. He did have a decent SL performance, but that only means he cannot not play (not a typo).

He has some hops, but "Air Georgia" doesn't exactly fill the void. He weighs about as much as a point guard, but still plays the SF position at 6'8 and 205 lbs.

He would really need to put some meat and muscle on his bones to be NBA ready, as he weighs five pounds less than point guard Jose Calderon.

Right now, he is out of the question.

However, if the Raptors were interested in him, he should seek help from the Raptors' strength and conditioning coach and one of the best in the business, Francesco Cuzzolin.


Pops Mensah Bonsu

As annoyed as I am with the constant talk of him, Pops Mensah Bonsu fits the void. If he is working hard on his SF game, he wouldn't be a bad pick up.

He's a crowd favourite, brings energy, and crashes the boards. He seriously, needs to work on his range and he better learn how to shoot the three.


Rob Kurz 

For some reason, I just have this feeling that this guy will be a good role player in a few years.

He's extremely cheap and would sign for like 1 million. He can get some rebounds and some points and he's young.

Rob Kurz really deserves a chance and you know he is a decent player and has potential, when a top team like the Cleveland Cavaliers is interested in him.

He's 24-years-old and plays at SF. I think he should be really considered by Bryan Colangelo. Then again, if Colangelo was interested in this guy, he could have acquired him by maybe throwing in a draft pick or Roko Ukic in the Marco Bellinelli trade.

Letting, Lurz go along with Bellinelli will prove to be huge mistake for the already troubled Golden State Warriors


Joey Graham

Joey Graham is built like a brick sh*t house and he can play at the SF and PF positions. However, he has proven that he cannot be consistent and that is really what is holding him back.


Gerald Green

The former slam dunk champion, Gerald Green, plays at SF. Like PMB, Green is a crowd favourite and brings energy. He would also be a better choice than Pops, but, like Graham, he can be inconsistent.


Undrafted Rookie

There are a bunch of undrafted rookies out there. As the days go by, I keep hearing about this other guy and that other guy. The Raptors should and will take a look at some of these hopefuls, after all, it can't hurt.


Courtney Lee

Now, this is just a rumour. But, supposedly Courtney Lee is not happy with the move to New Jersey and wants to sign elsewhere. He is a guard/forward at 6'5" and 200 lbs.

If Lee is able to play in the NBA, then scratch what I said about Brent Petway. Although, they both should consider putting on some weight.

The other question with Lee is if he will get enough minutes? I think he will because he would be acquired in a trade and we would have to give New Jersey a guy or two.

I know there are a few more guys that could be ideal, but I'm going to stop there. Which brings me to the second part of this story.


Should the Raptors Just Leave the Spot Vacant?

This is a question that I constantly think about, and for now, I've come up with this answer: No, they should not.


Because of the following three reasons:

1. There is too much talent, that you would miss out on and I believe it is too big of a risk to leave it open.

2. If you were to acquire someone in a trade (example: Courtney Lee), it would help you to "clean up" the backcourt and the eight guards we already have.

3. Depth is the key, as we learned with the almost 50-win team in 2006-07. If one of our key players were to go down with an injury, say Chris Bosh, then Reggie Evans would become our starting PF. However, he can only play so many minutes, so then who fills-in as his backup?

You could have Bargnani playing a little less minutes at C and add the minutes to Rasho's and then, when Evans get's tired, Bargnani fills in at PF. But, then Rasho could become tired and if it's crunch time in a close game, do you want POB playing those important minutes?


So, we need a third string PF as insurance in case of injury.

Those, in my opinion, are the three reasons why the final space should be filled.  



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