To All Of You Who Think The Gaborik Signing Was Negative.....

john kayaContributor IAugust 14, 2009

DETROIT - DECEMBER 7:  Marion Gaborik #10 of the Minnesota Wild tries to circle the net with the puck in a game against the Detroit Red Wings on December 7, 2007 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

First of all let me say that I just heard about the Michael Vick signing with the Eagles and I am sick to my stomach! But back to Gaborik........Lets analyze the signing for a second and how we got there. Glen Sather signed Scott Gomez who just was not a fit in NY at all. He was a total bust all around! He was not a point producer nor was he brought here to light the lamp. Not a goal scorer by any stretch. A set up man huh? Didnt see much of that either. Granted he definetely could take the puck end to end but you know what? You dont pay a guy almost $8,000,000 to bring the you? Did he make our power play Was he a difference maker on the Was he magic at even You know when the signing first happened, I asked Sam Rosen personally...(I used to work in a deli in Sams hometown of New City,NY at the time and he would come in at least twice a week. He loves scallion cream cheese I asked him if he thought the signing was good and if he felt that we overpayed for him and his response was........"good signing" amd "lock him up". Im sure if I was to ask him again he would have a different take on it now. So Sather basically took Gomez and his worthless game and totally bloated contract and turned it into a bonafied sniper along with a blue chip prospect in Ryan Mcdonough. Now granted the big "IF" here is can Gaborik stay healthy. But have you ever heard the Cliche'.....high risk, high reward? We have a classic case of just that here boys. If he can stay healthy then we have one of the most elelctrifying players in the whole league. And what do you think he will do for our anemic power play? Do you think the Rangers will be at the bottom of the league as far as that stat is concerned this year?.....NO WAY. And playing for Jacques Lemaires you know he can play pretty solid defensively as well. Listen, something had to be done about this team and we all knew that. How many of you out there hated this team the way it was constructed last year? I know I did. There was no one to love on this team besides lets say Lundqvist.There was no Leetch, or Gravy or a Messier. Now every time Gaborik touches the puck, everyones pulse is gonna go up........way up. At least you know he is gonna earn his paycheck for sure. And btw, if I had to look at Gomez turn away from one more body check I think I was gonna puke. The guy never took the body............ever. What the hell were the Rangers paying him for anyways? He is the most grossly overpaid player in the league.......maybe the history of the NHL. At least he is Montreal's problem now..........Rangers fans you gotta love Bob Gainey huh? And we all know what a motivated Gaborik can do right? He had 23 points in 17 games trying to help his team get into the playoffs last year. Honestly, with the exception of maybe Ovechkin is there a more pure goal scorer out there than Marion? I think not. Like I said, something had to happen and it did. And the money we didnt spend on Zherdev, I am fully expecting a move to get a #1 center and/or a legitimate puck moving/power play qb d-man. We all thought that was gonna be Mr. Redden and we all know how that worked out huh? But thats a whole nother talk show right there. Still cant get over the fact that he makes $6,500,000............ughhhh!!!! Listen we are very far away from competing for the Stanley cup anytime soon but getting Marion Gaborik was a start........a big start. And anyone that doesnt feel that moving Gomez and getting him wasnt just a good move but a great one has there heads buried up there butts and doesnt know anything about hockey!!!! Now Mr. Sather go out and get a centerman and trade for Sheldon Souray and we just might have something here................dont you think boys?