Superstars That The WWE Screwed Up on(Part 4)

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

Well guys I'm back from my brief vacation and I am proudly presenting an old favorite. We all know that there are WWE superstars that just get really screwed.

The numbers of them are fantastic, but the ones I present to you in this article are special in a way.

These are superstars that got screwed before they even got their start or they are made to look worthless, despite being really credible Indy Wrestlers.


1. Colt Cabana

This is someone that people that strictly watch WWE would know as Scotty Goldman, but if you are a serious fan of the Indys you would know him as Colt Cabana, Matt Classic, Colt Nevada, or his real name Scott Colton.

Colt Cabana, as he is best known for the solid career he had in Ring Of Honor, became a two-time ROH Tag team Champion with current WWE Superstar CM Punk.

Cabana also had a notable feud with Homicide, defeating him in a street fight, as well as then ROH Champion Bryan Danielson, tying with him in a 60 minute iron man match.

He also had spent some time in Wrestling Society X (short-lived promotion but awesome) where he was known under the Matt Classic name.

He also toured extensively overseas in England, Scotland, Germany, France, and Japan, where he massively improved his in-ring work and skill set.

When Colt signed with WWE in 2007 many were excited and expected him to become a big star, namely because of his credible indy career.

He debuted in OVW with a loss to Michael Kruel. He spent a solid amount of time in the Television title picture, eventually winning it from Shawn Spears. He would alas only hold it two weeks.

He also won the tag team titles twice, once with Shawn Spears and once with Charles Evans.

He made his debut on Smackdown in 2008. He didn't win a single one of the matches he was involved in, losing to The Brian Kendrick, Umaga, and The Great Khali. He also lost two battle royals. It was a classic case of indy star made WWE jobber.

He was released on Feb. 20 in what was the best thing WWE did for him his entire two years with the company. He immediately returned to the indies, namely Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerilla.


2. Hade Vansen

Vansen was trained at Frontier Wrestling Alliance academy by Alex Spilling, who would be better known by the name Alex Shane. He would make his pro wrestling debut in FWA forming a tag team with his teacher.

He would become the promotion's heavyweight champion in 2003 but is best known for his near two-year stint with the promotion's second-tier title, the All-England Championship.

In 2007 Vansen signed a development contract with WWE. He began to train in FCW. His stint there was sidetracked in January 2008 when his knee was injured. He returned in December when he was set to be called to Smackdown.

He cut a chilling promo under his new gimmick (To say the least the promo caught my eye and I was interested in what was to unfold). It was rumored Vansen would start a feud with the Undertaker. 

That however never came to be as someone had in the company had a change in heart and the idea was dropped without even giving the feud, or Vansen, a real chance.

Vansen would be released several weeks later. I cannot speak for what he is doing now as I lost track of him after he left the WWE.


3) Mike Kruel

Mike started in the Indys wrestling in Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling (3PW) in 2004. He has some success there winning the tag team titles with Gary Wolfe, aka Pitbull No. 1, however due to an incident Wolfe was stripped of the title and his replacement was Simon Diamond.

They would hold the titles until Kruel left the promotion in March 2005. Kruel also made a number of appearances jobbing for the WWE while working in 3PW.

Kruel also made several appearances in Ring of Honor, losing efforts to CM Punk and Matt Stryker. He won the first National Wrestling Superstars Chris Candido Memorial Cup. He also won the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight championship and held the title for several months.

In 2006 he was award a WWE developmental contract and wrestled in OVW. Despite having a rough start he would become one of OVW's top stars forming a stable with Shawn Osborne and Eddie Craven III, known as Bad Company.

It was while in this stable, under the Freebird rule, he held the OVW television title for the first time. He later secured the title again in 2007, although he held it for a short time.

Kruel would later ally himself with Vladimir Kozlov, yet turned on him after Kozlov won the OVW heavyweight title and took it for himself. He would hold it several months before losing it to Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne).

When WWE dropped OVW as their Development ground, Mike was sent to FCW but was released soon afterward.

Mike Kruel dominated OVW yet was never even given a chance on the Main stage other than appearances as a jobber before he even worked for the company. He wasn't even given a chance on ECW.

sidenote: ouch I just realized now that I published this with the wrong title, fixed now, sorry guys!