Vick and The Eagles: Match Made In Heaven Or Forged In T.O. Hell?

Andrew HamiltonContributor IAugust 14, 2009

I remember my joy when I first heard the news, "The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Terrell Owens!". "The head case from San Francisco is now an Eagle", never entered my mind. It was more like, "Finally! A marquee wide receiver in Philly!". I cheered for Terrell, defended Terrell, strained to understand Terrell and in the end, like the rest of the Eagles' organization and fans, I rejected Terrell. I then began to take relief in the value of the Reid administration that the Eagles were no longer interested in social liabilities. Now, today, that seems to have changed.

So it is with mixed emotions that I receive the news of our newest acquisition. Lets start with the positive emotion: joy. Why!? The shaky QB situation in Philly needs a boost. Whether or not Vick provides that boost remains to be seen. Let's review this situation I speak of: Starting quarterback, Donovan McNabb, A QB who is stellar, and the best to play for the Eagles in my lifetime. Also, a QB that tends to get injured on a fairly frequent basis which makes me place an inordinate amount of value on our backups. Let's take a look at those guys shall we?

Kevin Kolb, remember him? Of course you do! He was our "best on the board" pick in last year's draft: seems to have a lot of promise, looked good in preseason last year, played a few downs during the disaster Ravens game in 2008 and looked as dismal as our other guys. Yeah, that's the guy. He's largely untested but I really have confidence he is going to do a good job for us eventually. However, at the moment, he's still very green and very untested, and now, dinged up from our injury-riddled training camp this summer. The next guy, Feeley, is probably a fair #3 QB. He struggled to perform when he was called on to fill in for us and for Miami, but on paper, he's a fair #3. We don't need that right now. We need 3 quarterbacks who could start at any given moment who are tested and proven. If we can't have that, let's settle for 2 seasoned quarterbacks and 1 young developing guy for the future. That I can buy. That is where Vick comes in.

Sure he's been in the big house for the last 18 months, the slammer, the hoochgow, the clink, or whatever name you have for jail, and deservedly so. I wouldn't even argue if one were to say that he should have been there longer, however, he did his time, he behaved himself, and he appears to be on the remorse trail. (See how I'm defending him here? Yeah, right. I sounded a lot like this when we started having issues with T.O.) Jail or not, he's out, he can start working out, break out of the rust, clean up his act, and be a VERY good #2 QB for us at a bargain basement price. That is, if he doesn't get busted for water bottles with a false bottom laced with Marijuana resin. Let's hope he's changed from that as well. This is a guy that blows our other two quarterbacks away. This is a former "McNabb Junior" not that he is as good as McNabb or ever has been, but his double threat style is/was very similar to McNabb's in his younger, more frustrating years. What I am saying is if he does get back to his "pre jail" condition. He could cause a lot of us Eagle fans to sleep better at night. 

Now the character issue, that is the bigger potato isn't it? How long can he walk the straight and narrow while working for the Eagles organization? It is smart of our Green guys to sign Vick to only 1 year with a potential renewable year. I will bet you a steak dinner here in Las Vegas that they learned that business move from the Terrell Owens days! The Eagles are not big on tolerating criminal offenders posing as football players. Now if Vick walks the straight line, which I'm hoping he can, the next question is: How long will he be willing to play a back up role for us? Should we not get too attached to Mr. Vick for this reason? I would say that is probably not a bad idea. Once he is cleaned up, matured, and in NFL shape, he will grow to miss the glory of the starting QB position, which, has been recently RE-locked up by good ol' #5...Monsignor D-Mac.

So here we are at the altar, The Eagles proposed and Vick said "I do" or vice versa. First the wedding, which was today, and now the marriage, which starts tomorrow. Lets hope we have a successful backup QB in Philly for the first time since Jeff Garcia, bless his heart, and let's hope there will be no drama to unfold in this next year or two. After the T.O. years, I don't think I could handle another year of that!

Andrew Hamilton

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