Eagles and Vick: Match Made In Heaven

Don AbrahamContributor IAugust 13, 2009

11 Nov 2001:  Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons throws a pass against the Dallas Cowboys in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Falcons defeated the Cowboys 20-13. DIGITAL IMAGE.  Mandatory Credit: Scott Halleran/ALLSPORT

Philadelphia, is definitely the city of "Brotherly Love", this brother Michael Vick got a break indeed. He is now a Philadelphia Eagle.

For a city known for an aggressive sports media, the Philadelphia Eagles front office surely kept their interest in Mike Vick discreet. Now that he's an Eagle, its a no brainer I should have seen it coming all along.

There are so many teams in the NFL that have playoff potential, but will fail due poor quarterback play.  However, none of them had the balls to sign Michael Vick, due to backlash from their local community.

As a former resident of the city of Philadelphia in my college days, there will be no backlash from the Philadelphia community, Mike Vick will receive a very warm and welcome reception from the Philadelphia community.

The city that booed Santa Claus, adored Charles Barkely, and idolized Allen Iverson, cant wait to see Mike Vick suit up in an Eagle Uniform.  I just spoke to some of my friends from Philly and they are ecstatic.

The demographics of Philadelphia, makes Philly the perfect match, believe my word the city will roll the red carpet out for Mike Vick. Jeff Lurie cant wait to rake in the doe from the sells of Mike Vick jerseys throughout the Philadelphia area.

Animal rights protesters who dare to protest the siging of Mike Vick, will definitely receive taunts from the rowdy Broad street hooligans, who pack the streets of South Philly before every Eagles game. 

There could not have been a better city for Mike Vick to matriculate back into the NFL, with the exception of Detroit and New Orleans. Besides this is a very smart move on behalf of the Eagles management.

The Eagles have a top 5 quarterback in Donovan McNabb, however Mcnabb is prone to injury and has finished the season on the injured list 3 of the last 6 seasons. Backup quarterback Kevin Kobb, was a wasted pick, and is now injured.

Therefore, with their being a 50/50 chance of Mcnabb being injured for the season, it surely became a no brainer for the Eagles management. Getting a backup quarterback , who is better than at least 65% of the Qb's in the league is an ultimate steal.

The Eagles, who many believe have the best roster in the NFL, will make opponents crap in their pants when planning to defend the Eagles. Andy Reid is an offensive genius, and cant wait to tweak the playbook.

Opposing teams in the NFL will have to decide what to prepare for, will it be Mike Vick in the back field with Brian Westbrook on 3rd down, or maybe Mike Vick lined out wide with Desean Jackson in the slot, or maybe Mike Vick himself with Mcnabb taking a breather or two sometimes to throw the defense off balance.

The Eagles looked pretty good going into this season before they signed Mike Vick, now they look dangerous with Mike Vick on their roster.As for the city of Philadelphia, they cant wait for the arrival of Mike Vick, I'm sure many hardcore media pundits in the Philadelphia area will object to the signing of Mike Vick in the coming weeks.

Eagles managemnet knows the demographics of their city and could careless, because the people speak louder than any journalist. Like mama always said "Two Birds of a Feather Flock together".