TNA iMPACT Slamback: Sting Against The World

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IAugust 14, 2009

After video footage of last week’s groundbreaking riot to open iMPACT, the show goes live with the return of Christy Hemme!!!!

Christy Hemme vs. Sojourner Bolt (Winner: Christy Hemme)

Both women try to get control by pulling each other’s hair and applying as many head holds as possible. Bolt immediately goes on the offensive by applying as many shots to the surgically repaired neck of Hemme. But Hemme bounces back with a back body drop that sends Bolt squarely on her head.

Bolt goes for a top rope move, but Hemme counters the suplex with the FFG to get the win in her return to the six-sided ring.

After the match, Mike Tenay and Dumb West give the rundown of tonight’s iMPACT Broadcast. In the process, AJ Styles and Matt Morgan both arrive to the iMPACT Zone to prepare for tonight’s epic Third and Final Match in their Best of Three Series.

Back on the program, Tazz is making excuses for Samoa Joe’s loss last week on iMPACT. Joe’s handler makes it clear that Joe will put Homicide out at Hard Justice and walk out the X Division Champion.


Doug Williams vs. Hernandez (Winner: Hernandez)

Hernandez gets early advantage with a shoulder tackle followed by a brain buster suplex. Hernandez continues the pain with a shoulder backbreaker. But thanks to Brutus Magnus, Williams is able to get control of the match.

As Hernandez starts to fight back, we are informed that Hernandez will face Rob Taylor this Sunday for the Feast or Fired Briefcase. As for the action, Super Mex bounces back with a clothesline and a spine buster. Magnus again jumps on the ropes to allow Williams to get control briefly.

As Williams goes up top, Hernandez catches him and drops him with the Gringo Killer to pick up the win and gain momentum heading into this Sunday.

After the bell, Magnus tries to get control, but he gets tackled by Hernandez. Afterwards, he gives chase to all three members of the British Invasion.


Intermission: Interview with “The Boss” Bobby Lashley

Lashley reveals that he still had a hunger that brought him back to professional wrestling. However, he makes it clear that he still has that desire to continue with his MMA Career.

When asked how the outcome would be if the greatest wrestler alive (Kurt Angle) faces the greatest MMA fighter alive (Lashley), Lashley says that it would be the fans that would win it. But in regards to the two of them, that remains to be seen.

In the back, Dr. Stevie and Daphney are giving an update on the $50,000 bounty on the head of Abyss. Richards continues by letting these people know that they will have to maim Abyss. Abyss comes in and wraps his claws around Stevie’s neck, but as he calls out Stevie, “The Outlaw.”

Back on the program, Tara is giving props to Awesome Kong before focusing on tonight’s Fatal Four Way Knockouts Match.


Rhino & Jesse Neal vs. World Elite (Eric Young & Sheik Abdul Bashir) (Winner: World Elite)

Neal is getting the advantage over Young before Rhino comes in and continues the advantage over World Elite. Neal returns into the ring, but he is quickly dropped with an elbow from Young. Sheik comes in and delivers his own punishment to the young rookie.

The Elite continues the punishment on the young student as they double team Neal constantly, but Neal bounces back with a boot to the face. This allows Neal to get a chance to tag in Rhino, but instead, he takes a cheap shot at Bashir, which allows Young to use the trunks to get the three-count.

After the bell, Rhino tries to educate the young man, and delivers a slap to him. Rhino then turns around and delivers a GORE! GORE! GORE! to Neal.

Back on the show, Rhino explains that Neal is not the same man that had a fight in him when the training started.


Fatal Four Way Knockouts Match

ODB vs. Awesome Kong vs. Angelina Love vs. Tara (Winner: Tara)

The four women split up with Kong going after Tara, and ODB locks up with Love. While ODB gets the advantage over Love, Tara and Kong try to take each other down. But Kong gets control of the duo while Love tries to regain her composure.

After taking shots of courage, ODB and Tara go flying as ODB takes out Kong, Raisha and Cody, and Tara drops all three members of The Beautiful People.

Back In the ring, Tara and Kong continue slugging it out as the two Hard Justice opponents square off inside. Love delivers the Botox Injection, but can’t get the pinfall. But ODB bounces back with the running power slam. Kong breaks up the hold before tossing out Love. ODB goes for a body slam, but Kong drops her with ease followed by a leg drop.

Tara keeps Love on the outside, while Kong fights with ODB. Kong delivers a choke slam, but The Deaner jumps on the apron to take the fight to Kong. He delivers a kiss to Kong, but he gets an Awesome Bomb for his troubles. Tara sprints up from behind and rolls Kong up for the win.

In the back, Sting and AJ Styles are preparing for the Best of Three Series Finale. Styles agrees with Sting that he is in the pressure cooker. He also says that at the end of the match, either he’s a winner or a loser.


No Disqualifications Singles Match

Scott Steiner vs. Brother Ray (Winner: Scott Steiner)

Following a point-counterpoint between Steiner and Brother Ray, the physicality begins. Steiner delivers a huge modified suplex, but Brother Ray bounces back with a series of punches followed by a set of chops. Brother Ray delivers a Bubba Bomb, but only gets a count of two.

Sharmell provides distraction, but Brother Devon jumps in to keep the double team from happening. Following the WASSUP!, Brother Devon starts fishing for a table, but World Elite makes their way down to make enough distraction to allow Booker and Steiner to drop Brother Ray through a table and pick up the win.


Intermission: TNA Legends Championship Contract Signing for Hard Justice

Tenay stands in as mediator between Kevin Nash and Mick Foley. Foley signs instantly as Nash reads it before he inks the deal. Foley grabs the stick and tries to figure out why Nash changed his ways and made it all about the money. Nash responds by saying that everyday that Foley is Legends Champion, it’s costing him $20,000.

After jawing back and forth about Nash doing it for money (and Wizard World) and Foley doing it for free (and his kids), Nash makes it clear that he is an athlete and a businessman and calls Foley a pathetic wrestler.

Following the war of words, Foley tries to con Nash into using the table. But since there’s no money involved, Nash won’t use the table.

After going through a brief war of words, Foley decides that he’s going through the table one way or the other…so he drops himself through the table with a huge smile on his face.


TNA Featured Contest

Best of Three Series Finale (Winner is final entrant in Triple Threat Match at Hard Justice for TNA World Heavyweight Championship) (Winner: Matt Morgan)

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan w/Kurt Angle vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles w/”The Icon” Sting

Styles starts off in spectacular fashion with a Senton Flip over the top rope to open the match. He then delivers a flying forearm off the guardrail before sliding him into the ring to officially start the match.

In the ring, Styles locks in the Figure Four as Morgan starts to crawl to the ropes. As he locks eyes with Angle, Styles drives the shoulder into the gut of the seven-footer. Styles delivers a huge dropkick before driving the forearm into the face. But Morgan bounces back with a big boot that sends Styles back to the center of the ring.

After delivering the elbows, he drops Styles with a Sidewalk Drop. Following a near-fall, Morgan sends him to the outside and tells the official to begin the count. With help from Sting, AJ gets back into the ring. Morgan continues the beat down with a Leg Hang over the top rope, but again, he only gets a two-count.

Sting tries to get AJ back into the match, but Morgan comes in and continues the pressure on Mr. Phenomenal. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint, but AJ manages to fling out of the way before delivering some punches and the kick to the back of the head.

Styles hits the Missile Dropkick off the Springboard, but only gets a two-count for his troubles. Morgan bounces back with a Sidewalk Slam, but he only gets a two-count as well. Styles bounces up while Morgan tries to go up top. Morgan goes back up top and guns for a neck breaker, but Styles counters it into a Pele on Morgan off the top rope.

Styles misses the Flying Forearm, and Morgan delivers the Carbon Footprint to pick up the win and advance to the Main Event at Hard Justice to join Sting and Kurt Angle. After the bell, all the members of the Mafia make their way to the ring to celebrate with Morgan and Angle.


Conclusion: The Main Event Elite Celebration

Angle congratulates Matt Morgan for winning the Best of Three Series against AJ Styles. Afterwards, Angle asks Morgan for one last favor: Help him keep the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Hard Justice. Morgan declines the favor, and makes it clear that he intends to leave Hard Justice as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

With that, the Hard Justice Rundown begins as TNA goes off the air thanks to Filthee.


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