Andy Reid Has Weathered Other Storms; He Can Handle This One, Too

Tony AmbrosiniContributor IAugust 13, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 1: Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles speaks at a press conference during minicamp at the NovaCare Complex on May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

The most interesting news that came out of this awful Cards-Steelers game that I am watching tonight was that Vick was added to the Philadelphia Eagles roster.

It actually makes a lot of sense; Andy Reid handles crisis very well.

He dealt with Terrell Owens sinking the team in 2005, just one year after the Eagles came up short in the Super Bowl. Reid righted the ship the next season; Owens went to Dallas and the Eagles won the 2006 NFC East title.

He also had his two sons' legal issues to contend with; people said maybe it was time for Reid to leave Philly. I am not an expert on family dynamics, so I won’t make any judgments in this aspect of Reid’s life, but all he did was guide his team back to the NFC Championship.

Reid has been dealing with fans calling into radio shows blasting him (and Donovan McNabb) for play-calling, adjustments, not calling time outs, not having enough time outs, etc. Yet when you look at the last 10 years, Philadelphia has won 61 percent of their games (fourth in the NFL in that span), made seven playoff appearances, and took home five division titles along with a bevy of first-round playoff wins and a Super Bowl appearance.

Reid has managed chaos rather well, wouldn’t you say?

Now he has decided to welcome Michael Vick to the Eagles football family. Reid can handle this one standing on his head. There will be no public relations nightmare (as some media members are suggesting could happen), because Reid has gone through these ordeals more than anyone in the league.

I don’t know what the Eagles have in store for Vick at this point as far as his role. Perhaps we see him in some “Wildcat” packages. I’m sure as practices and preseason games move along, we will get a better idea by the end of the month and when Vick is eligible to play again six weeks into the regular season.

In any case, he is not expected to threaten Donovan McNabb’s job security anytime soon. Personally, I would take Vick as my backup QB; currently, David Carr is the backup for my team (yuck)!

The Philadelphia organization is strong and there is plenty of veteran leadership in the locker room, which fosters the focused and winning environment Vick needs to be a part of to get his career (and personal life) back on track.

If PETA decides to stand outside the stadium in Philadelphia to protest this addition, Reid and his team will be unfazed. They’ll shrug it off and move on. Besides, who else is going to complain about this acquisition in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey...Eagles fans?

They have been craving a NFL title for almost fifty years!

Andy Reid is not letting the inordinate number of training camp injuries this year take away from his goal of winning a championship. He is also not going to let the choice to bring in Michael Vick and the subsequent ridiculous media storms get to him either.

I’ll let Andy’s track record of crisis management speak for itself.