The Eagles And The Wild Cat; An Unlikely Match (Vick Signs a Deal)

Thomas KirkaCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2009

30 Dec 2001: Michael Vick # 7 of the Atlanta Falcons tries to evade the Miami Dolphins defense in the fourth quarter at ProPlayer Stadium in Miami Florida. Dolphins won 21-14. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Eliot Schechter/Getty Images

Knock knock:

Who's there:

Michael Vick has signed with the Eagles.

You have got to be joking! Is this a dream? No folks it's for real. ESPN was the first to announce it even talking about it on Monday Night Football (Steelers vs. Cardinals). The announcers even said quote "Turn up your T.V.s your gonna want to hear this... Donovan is not going to be happy".

Chris Mortensen is reporting that it is a two year deal. It is definitely surprisingthat Vick would sign in the middle of a preseason game between the Eagles and the Patriots. So a few bold predictions.

1. The Eagles will benefit from this: No not very bold but with a few injuries looming already this move should spark some energy back in the Eagles. It will also make a dangerous wild cat team.

2. The Eagles are now more dangerous a wild cat team then the Dolphins. Ronnie Brown and Miami have been credited with bringing the wild cat to the fore-front of the NFL and now the Eagles will take credit for making it explode.

3. Donovan will welcome the help. Number five is getting up there in years. He can still out throw Vick, but he is way less willing to risk his health for a few extra yards (as evident in tonight's preseason game). Vick brings a fresh pair of legs; remember how the Eagles were when McNabb could run and throw? Well now the Eagles have that again just not in the same package.

So I say bring on the change, bring on Vick. Welcome to Philly! Lets just hope he can stay out of trouble in this rough and tough city...