Chase's Lists: My Five Favorite Athletes Of All Time

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2009

While it's the summertime and it is a slow period for sports news, with little to report other than the release of Madden 2010, I am going to let you guys learn a little bit about me.

Throughout the history of sports there have been many colourful characters and dominating athletes. In my lifetime I have seen many great sports moments and have witnessed some pretty bad ones to.

From MJ's last shot to "The Malice In The Palace" I have seen the peak and trench of sports. Today I am going to let you look at my favorite athletes of all time.

I am a fan of hard playing players who aren't afraid to speak their mind and have a bit of character to them. And they have to be innovative players who always were on the highlight reels. You won't find any Tim Duncans on this list.

So without further adue here is the list.

5. Pistol Pete Mariavich

Although I was not alive during any of his career or during his lifetime, Youtube has given many former players new life. Pistol Pete always looked like he was playing a different game and his dribbling drills are still used by coaches all over the world.

His career was cut short by injuries and having to be the star of his team. But the first Million Dollar Man of pro sports never failed to give the crowd something to cheer about and his NCAA career scoring records will never be broken even if he set them without a three point line.

Pistol Pete innovated the art of the deceptive pass and basketball would have been a much different sport if the world never saw The Pistol.

4. Michael Vick

There I said it. Michael Vick is one of my favorite athletes and I hope he shuts up all the haters.

If anyone tells you they didn't stop and watch anytime they saw Vick drop back in the pocket during his Falcons days they are liers. Vick ran, threw and basically blew up the stereotype of what a quarterback can do.

Vick ran for more yards than some running backs and made plays happen year after year despite having absolutley no weapons at receiver to throw to.

Plus does anyone remember Madden 2005?

Michael Vick is one of this decade's sports icons, and good or bad people will remember him.

3. Dennis Rodman

Sports ultimate bad boy. Rodman made himself a pop culture figure without help from Nike commercials or being recognized as one of his sports elite.

Despite being what many consider a diva. Rodman was one of the toughest NBA players of the '90s. During an era that made David Stern invent the flagrant foul and changed the way the game was called, Rodman thrived.

Today's NBA players all could learn from the things Rodman did on the court. Rodman gave it his all on the court. And at 46 could probably still play.

2. Trevor Linden

I am a Vancouver Canucks fan and Trevor Linden is the ultimate Canuck.

He led the Canucks to the closest they have ever been to a Stanley Cup when they barely lost to the New York Rangers in an epic Game Seven. He was traded away during the Mike Keenan era, but he came back and continued to be one of hockey's great leaders.

Later in his career he may have lacked some of the speed that made him a star. But he brought it every night and did what it took to help his team win.

Linden earned the nickname "Captain Canuck".

1. Reggie Miller

There is only one way to describe Reggie Miller: Clutch.

Reggie Miller is one of the most underrated basketball players of all-time. He is a victim of playing in eras where other players got much more attention. MJ, Kobe and Shaq, AI, and others always overshadowed him, but Miller never let that get to him.

He is the greatest shooter in NBA history and is the king of the Mecca of basketball, Madison Square Garden. He gives Knicks fans nightmares and if you mention Reggie Miller at a Knicks game you might not make it out of there on your own two feet.

Miller also was a character and did not shy from trash talking because he always backed it up.