Second Round of the NBA Playoffs Becoming Tedious

K ShakranSenior Analyst IMay 15, 2008

As much as I admire the most exciting playoffs in all of sports, the second round of the 2008 NBA playoffs tend to get me to lay my head in  another direction.

No matter how much  the TNT studio members of Kenny "The Jet" Smith, Charles Barkley, or even Magic Johnson elucidate and clarify particular occurrences during games, everybody knows who will win.

Have the NBA playoffs, especially in the second round, been so predictable from the standpoint of the team that holds home court advantage? Not really.

The championship-prone Boston Celtics have not won a road game in the 2008 post-season (0-5). Some people claim that the Boston Celtics can win the championship without capturing one road game in the playoffs. It's true, this is very likely.

However, what is the reason that everybody nominated them to seize their first NBA championship in more than 22 years (other than the fact that they had the most dominating record in the league)?

Is it because of their defensive ability and their "Big Three"? Think again. The "Big Three" have been narrowed down to two, and even to one, in particular games ofthis current post-season run.

The only consistent Celtic is Kevin Garnett.

Something else that gets on my nerves is commentators stating that the reason behind the horrendous road performance by the Celtics lies in how they never played together in a playoff environment.

If 82 games is not adequate for team chemistry to be raised for preparation of the playoffs, then I guess the Celtics should never have earned their remarkable regular season record.

The whole Celtics squad are experienced NBA veterans, except for Rajan Rondo. What's the excuse?

Observing the San Antonio Spurs victorious in home games only versus an inexperienced playoff team like the New Orleans Hornets has also driven me crazy. True, the Hornets are more athletic, but does that force reigning NBA champions to gain confidence at home only?

Whatever happened to "silence the crowd"? Whatever happened to swishing that three and hearing the crowd give an audible sigh? I thought that is what fuels a championship team, right?

If the Boston Celtics reach the NBA finals and capture the trophy, I wouldn't be surprised. But for crying out loud, it's BORING as fan witnessing a team like the Boston Celtics winning at home ONLY.

To the Boston Celtics: finish off the Cavaliers tomorrow. Do it for the fans!