THROWDOWN: Is The NFL Preseason Neccessary? (Week One)

Hank BauschContributor IAugust 13, 2009

The Sports Debate.

A tradition old as the game itself. Whether it be at a bar, basement, or boardroom, guys have been arguing about sports forever.

In the spirit of these arguments, my best bud Ernest Wilkins and I have decided to sit down, enjoy a few beers, and have it out every week on a sports-related topic for the enjoyment of YOU, our superstar readers. We hope you enjoy. This is THROWDOWN!


This week: The NFL Preseason: Is it necessary?


Ernest: It's funny, Week one and I'm already getting a fastball down the middle!. What a no-brainer! The NFL Preseason is BEYOND necessary!

Hank: (The preseason is) Pointless, like most of your thoughts. The preseason is a chance for Jeff Fisher to do fake punt plays and that’s it.

E: Well said, but here's my opening salvo:

Because of the madness that is free-agency and the influx of new talent via the draft, having these games is a must for the new guys to learn the system and gel as a team. The rookies get to see life at NFL speed, and the vets get to learn how their new teammates run things in actual situations.

H: Isn’t that what practice is for? That’s right, I’m talking bout practice (Iverson, take note before you ruin another teams championship run).

E: Low blow! Look, It's one thing to be blitzed by the scout team's Ray Lewis, but a whole 'nother when the real one is barreling at you. Another thing: The NFL offseason is like 2 years long!

H: Also, If the preseason is for the “gelling of a team,” why not play only one quarter games because that’s all the starters play.

E: The vets need this time to get back into game shape. Half of them barely practice in camp, so these games give them an opportunity to get to work and build confidence by knocking around 5th-round picks for a few quarters.

H: Alright, I cant argue against watching big names smash small names. It’s almost as much fun as watching Reggie Bush getting hit by Sheldon Brown, or Sean Taylor punishing a punter during the Pro Bowl (also pointless but that’s a whole 'nother argument for later!). But at the end of the day who cares?

E: You know who cares? The people in the small towns where these games take place. The Steelers damn-near remake "Friday Night Lights" every season in Latrobe, and that's awesome to see them do stuff like that.

Also, before we go any further, I think EVERY player should play at least one preseason game! I know that the GM's are all "ooooh, we don't want our guys getting hurt" and I get that, but would you rather have it happen now, or 7 minutes into the season when it counts? (You heard me, New England)

H: WHY??? So they can get hurt before the season begins? Do they get paid by their offseason stats? No. The only reason to watch the preseason is to hope that your big name players on your favorite team don’t get hurt. I won’t care if my starting QB sucks during the preseason as long as he plays well during the regular season. That’s when it matters.

E: You sound like the chairman for Fantasy Football or something.

H: Call it what you want, but I only care about the season stats/record of my team.

E: Whatever kid. The NFL is hard-hitting by nature. If you're scared to play and possibly get hurt, I have a Pop Warner league I can refer you to.

H: Ill make sure to tell Joe Theisman that.  What, too soon?

E: OUCH. Literally.


Closing Statements:

E: This is a warmup for teams, coaches and everything else to get ready for 17 weeks of HELL. If you want these guys in there cold, there are gonna be more injuries than the Mets could ever hope to match (Sorry, KDL).

H: If you want fewer injuries have more weeks of practice before the season and get rid of the preseason games. There is no logical reason to put million dollar athletes in harms way for no reason at all.

If they play well/poorly no one cares. It does not affect them. If they get hurt though, there goes a year of there skills/time all because they played in a game that does not count for anything.


That'll wrap it up for this week's THROWDOWN!

..or WILL it?



   Rick Pitino: Discuss.


E: It's depressing that MJ isn't with us anymore, because all I can think of is the chorus of "Billie Jean."

H: Just another example of a classy guy doing classy things.

E: Agreed. Also, If you don't think he's going to be hearing this from the stands all season, you're nuts. You know what? That's a great idea! Who are Louisville's rivals in hoops?

H: That would be UK. I wonder if an NBA team would take him back now? Talk to the Celtics or the Knicks and their 192-220 records with Pitino as the head coach.

E: Yup. If you go to UK and are reading these words, I WANT BILLIE JEAN SUNG AT THE GAME THIS YEAR! "THE KID IS NOT MY SON!"

Ok folks, That'll wrap it up for this week's THROWDOWN!(for serious this time).

Come back next week for a brand new topic, and if you have any comments, feel free to let us know. Thanks for reading!