The Truth Behind Lesnar and The UFC Negotiations

shoguncdnCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 18:  World Wrestling Entertainment Wrestler Brock Lesnar attends a media conference announcing the all-star lineup of WWE WrestleMania XIX at ESPN Zone in Times Square March 18, 2003 in New York City.  (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Much has been made recently of Fedor's signing with Strikeforce. Many fans of the sport were disappointed that the iconic heavyweight did not sign with the UFC. Some fans have also voiced their opinion that Fedor is in fact running from competition.

In support of those claims numerous fans have pointed out that current UFC champion, Brock Lesnar, signed with the UFC because he wanted to fight the best. Until now this has simply been speculation. But recent recordings of the negotiations between Lesnar and the UFC have surfaced to bolster those claims.

They show that Lesnar's only motivation in signing with the UFC was so he could fight the best, unlike that coward Fedor who is somehow the number 1 heavyweight on every ranking site in the world.

Below is a transcript of those negotiations.

Dana: Brock we're looking forward to having you join the UFC.

Brock: Thanks Dana, I just want to fight the best.

Dana: That's great Brock, now about the money...

Brock: Doesn't matter Dana.

Dana: Huh?

Brock: I want to fight the best. That's my sole motivation. You have the best heavyweight right? I'll fight for food. Other people are offering me more money, but I just want to fight the best, the money is not a concern for me at all.

Dana: Ahhh, sure yeah, we got Mir. He's an animal, 3-2 since his motorcycle accident. And then we just got Nog, that guy was a Pride champion. Of course Randy is coming back. You got to be careful, he's 45 but his grandkids say he can still throw down. Then of course there's Heath Herring who is...uh...a big guy.

Brock: Sounds good. But wait weren't Nog and Herring beaten by some guy...I'm trying to remember his name...Feather,

Dana: Fedor is $%&^%^, that guy is %^^&^$$, screw him he's &^%^& and he **&^^^,!!!!!!!!! We don't need him, his &&^%^^ is so &**&***^%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brock: Wow I didn't know that, I thought he was the best. But if you say he's not then that's good enough for me, because you know, I only want to fight the best.

Dana: Well, ok listen, technically..and I mean technically Fedor is ranked #1 by everybody.

Brock: What do you mean technically?

Dana: I mean everyone but me ranks him #1.

Brock: But you don't think so?

Dana: No  *coughyescough*

Brock: Sorry what?

Dana: Nothing.

Brock: Ok well if you don't think he's the best then that's good enough for me, because you know...

Dana: Right, you only want to fight the best.

Brock: Damn straight, nobody is going to say Brock Lesnar ducked anyone. Number 1 ranking, what a joke eh Dana?

Dana: Uh...yeah..haha.

Brock: Awesome, let's get it done. Listen in addition to the food why don't you pay me $400,000 a fight as well ok? Just some beer money. It's not important to me, I just want to fight the best, but I like beer.

Dana: Great.

Brock: Man I can't wait to fight the best. Tell me more about this Al Turk guy you got.

*The rest of the tape is garbled*