News From The World of Hockey: May 16, 2008

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst IMay 15, 2008

Flyers avoid the sweep. Penguins fans can put the broom back in the closet.

In related news, the fans are having an intense rivalry over statues

Alexei Yashin wants to return to the NHL. Let’s see…highly inflated sense of worth, temper tantrums…yup, GMs will be just lining up for him.

Bryan Murray hopes to have a new coach before the draft. Hopefully that person won’t be looking for another job by mid-season.

Ducks owner Henry Samueli is in hot water. Hey Samueli, note to self: duck + intense heat = dinner. Not always delicious.

Stars owner Tom Hicks will keep Les Jackson and Brett Hull as co-general managers. Maybe the two of them can figure out how to make a Dallas Stars game interesting to watch.

Mike Babcock shouldn’t worry about his future with Detroit, although maybe a fashion consultant ought to be provided as part of his contract extension. Maybe the team ought to just prohibit Babcock from buying his ties at Construction Workers 'R Us or Home Depot.

Despite recent reports, Jason Blake says he wants to stay with the Maple Leafs. He may get his wish. His monster contract made him impossible to move last season, despite the Leafs’ best efforts.

Another random coaching suggestion by the press: Is Mike Ricci the right person to coach the San Jose Sharks?

In other coaching news, Alain Vigneault has had five lengthy meetings with the new GM and no contract extension in sight. Will he be voted off the island next?

Martin Erat’s contract was rejected by the NHL. Still no news on the Predators’ sudden apparent yet generous insanity.