Top 10 College Football Teams, ESPN VS Average Joe Shmo From Walmart

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Top 10 College Football Teams, ESPN VS Average Joe Shmo From Walmart
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So here goes. Since we are as close as we can possibly get to the start of the College Football season, and ESPN just released their poll of the top 10 College teams, I began to think. You know, I bet the average JOE-SHMO-FROM-WALMART could do just as good a job as both of these professional organizations.  

I decided to take a poll. I stood out front of WALMART in McKinney Texas and asked the first 100 people wearing anything that resembled some type of team sports wear to write down their pick of who they thought the number one team in College Football was. Based on the amount of votes per team, this is the order they picked. Side by side.

The more interesting part is if I had an unlimited amount of time each and every person would have spent an hour explaining why they picked the team they picked.

JOE-SHMO-FROM-WALMART did pretty well, the breakdown was (63male-17 age 18yrs or below) and the rest (37female-7 age 18yrs or below).



1. FLORIDA                                   1. OKLAHOMA

2. TEXAS                                       2. USC

3. OKLAHOMA                              3. FLORIDA

4. USC                                           4. TEXAS

5. ALABAMA                                 5. LSU

6. OHIO STATE                             6. OHIO STATE

7. VIRGINIA TECH                         7. OKLAHOMA STATE

8. MISSISSIPPI                               8. ALABAMA

9. PENN STATE                             9. VIRGINIA TECH

10. LSU                                         10. TCU

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