Predictions for Eastern Conference

chris ryanContributor IAugust 12, 2009

BOSTON - MAY 04:  Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics reacts after a foul is called against a teammate in the fourth quarter against the Orlando Magic in Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at TD Banknorth Garden on May 4, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Magic defeated the Celtics 95-90. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Since I have seen many other bloggers com up with similar lists, I decided to create one myself. This is what I believe will be the seedings for the 2009-2010 playoffs in the Eastern Conference:

1. Boston: I believe with a healthy Garnett along with Pierce and Allen, an emerging star in Rondo and a bench which consists of Wallace, Daniels, and Eddie House, Boston is the only team that doesn't have to worry about chemistry issues in the top 3

2. Cleveland: While Shaq will be a nice upgrade from big Z, I think that the best signing will be Anthony Parker, who will help the bench and be the glue guy who can hit the corner 3 and play good defence. Moon is a gamble, especially at over 3 million per, but has the the athletic gift to be a great player.

3. Orlando: I actually considered moving Orlando to the fourth spot. This team is going to have chemistry issues with 2 players who demand touches plus Lewis and Nelson. The loss of Turkoglu makes them weaker. One of Orlando's strengths was their ability to create mismatches with both Hedo and Lewis. With Lewis moving to the three, many of Lewis' strengths will be minimized. Although the signings of Barnes was a steal and will be a great fit, I don't think this team will be so good as last years Eastern Conference Champions.

4. Atlanta: Although I hope the Raptors are here, Atlanta has improved and have kept the same core group. One thing that could cost this team however is their lack of a big man ( Horford is a good player, but would be more suited for the PF position. If Josh Smith has a breakout year, Atlanta could possibly take over third.

5. Toronto Raptors: And here is where I believe the Raptors will end up. I never put them at fourth due to a hard schedule in their full month while the team is still gelling. However, I believe that if the team comes out on fire in the first month, they could take over fourth.

6. Washington Wizards: While their lack of a dominating big man will ultimately lead to their demise, they should be a fun team to watch. The key to their season is Gilbert Areneas and if he is healthy.

7. Chicargo Bulls: They stay the same even though they lost Ben Gordon. Instead they get back young SF Deng who was injured last season. If this team can find a way to acquire Carlos Boozer, this team could move up.

8. Miami: Dwaye wade will get his team back in the playoffs, but barely. Jermaine O'Neal will probably be injured half the season and with the loss of Moon, this team has made itself worst while all the teams ahead have improved.

9. Detroit: This should be an exciting team, but I see this team that has two combo guards and a SG. They have little depth at C (unless you think Ben Wallace is going to play like he did his last stint in Detroit) as well.

10. Philly: While they probably will make the playoffs like they somehow do each year, looking at their roster on paper, I do not believe their guard play is good enough to warrant a playoff spot.

11. Indiana: Here is the last competitive team in the Eastern Conference. They could move up a spot if they stay healthy.

12. New Jearsy: They have a young core that have a lot of potential and two of those players have finals experience. However this team is going to struggle as that core continues to grow.

13. Charlotte: One step forward, two steps back. They get rid of Richardson's contract and now trade away a good quality centre for a centre who can't stay healthy. They also still don't have a number one scorer.

14. New York: New york is waiting for 2010, and their 2009 roster shows it. If they keep Lee, Robinson and sign a player like AI, they could move up but New York isn't really thinking about this season.

15. Milwaukee: They deserve last after they traded away or let go for nothing most of their team. This team is in cash savings mode and it shows.