Spurs, Hornets Preview: Who Will Win Game 7?

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IMay 15, 2008

Who's it gonna be? The young powerful Hornets? Or the experienced defending chanps?

I'm pulling for the Hornets, I like many of the players, but it would be a fools dream to think they would win because of that.

New Orleans is home, so that is DEFINITELY a HUGE advantage. Especially if you take into consideration that their average amount of home victory is 19 points. Despite all this, some might actually consider the Spurs favorites because of their experience. When you win the greatest honour in basketball 4 times in the last nine years, with around the same core squad, you have to take that into account when your picking the winner.

For the Hornets to win, Chris Paul has to keep on being himself, I don't think he needs a big scoring game, but he really has to distribute the ball and get David West and Tyson Chandler involved. Tyson Chandler has to shut down Tim Duncan, he is a big body who isn't afraid to block shots, and if he can shut down Duncan, that will be huge. David West seems to explode at home, this guy no doubt deserved to be an all-star this season, and if he can be their big scorer, that should rile up the rest of the team. Peja Stojakovic, in my opinion will be this games X-Factor. He hasn't been a huge scorer for them this series, but if he is, and gets his three pointer on, I think that will be the deciding point.

For the Spurs to win, Tony Parker will have to at least contain Paul, he can't let him get any big numbers. He doesn't have to have a big offensive game, they have others to pick of that slack, but defensively he will have to be great. Tim Duncan has to be Tim Duncan. Simple as that. He is obviously a future Hall of Famer, and he will have to play like one, and lead his team to one more victory. Manu Ginobili is going to have to be the guy who hits down the big shots. He will have to get hot and go off for at least 25, and if it is a tight game (which it should be) Manu might have to hit the game winner, which shouldn't be hard for him if he is hot that night.

My Pick: Spurs 103-97. I really hope I am wrong and the Hornets win, but I think the Spurs' experience will take over.

You may wonder why I have a picture of Kobe Bryant in between Paul and Duncan in my picture. The reason is this; no matter who wins this series, I believe that Kobe and the L.A. Lakers will come away with a 4-2 win over whoever they play, and eventually win the championship.

What do you think?