Anthony Collins Promoted to Cincinnati Bengals Starting Right Tackle

OneManCrimeWaveContributor IAugust 12, 2009

Is anyone else as excited to hear that Anthony Collins is looking great in training camp and has been promoted to first string right tackle? I know that he has been promoted due to the holdout of Andre Smith, but Andre's holdout might be the best thing for us right now. It's weird, but I really do believe it.

I am extremely uncomfortable with moving Andrew Whitworth to left tackle, not because I don't think he can play the position but because of how badass he was at left guard. With Collins playing as well as he did last year, I don't understand the logic of watching him just sit the bench. Which is exactly what we were prepared to do.

When Marvin drafted Collins out of the University of Kansas last year in the third round, everyone knew he had the talent but he was a little young with a lot of learning still left to do. While he didn't have the opportunity to just sit back a learn last season like Marvin may have liked, he stepped in a played very good football when we needed him to.

In the offseason the Bengals let Levi Jones walk...and many thought it was Collins' job to lose—we were wrong.

In my opinion the best way to utilize all of our talent at O-line would be to have Andre Smith at left tackle, Whitworth at left guard, Cook at center, Bobbie Williams at right guard, and Collins at right tackle. Granted, we we will HAVE to have Whitworth play left tackle until Smith is signed, conditioned, and brought up to speed...which could take a while.

Regardless, it's ironic that we once had the best o-line in the NFL with Eric Steinbach, Big Willie, Levi and Bobbie; now we are just trying to put together a group of guys that can keep Palmer upright.

I think we have a better o-line than what people are saying. They may be a little young, but I am glad we have who we have, and I'm extremely happy Collins is at least getting a chance to prove what he can do.