No One Should Ever Ask Arsene Wenger To Leave

Ben CampbellCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2009

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 24:  Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger looks on after the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Stoke City at Emirates Stadium on May 24, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Four trophy-less seasons is not bad when you consider; the constant loss of key players, the departure of your closest ally, a bank busting move to a new stadium, rebuilding a squad on a tighter budget than Sunderland, and conflicting statements from the board.

Another interesting fact is Barcelona went five years without winning a trophy, and when you consider Barcelona suffered from none of the above, then you could call Barcelona's trophy-less run unacceptable.

No-one has the right to ask Wenger to leave. He has revolutionised the club and to some degree the Premier League. No manager in the world could do what Arsene has done for the club, not even the great Sir Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex declined the offer to manage Arsenal because he wanted it to be announced after the world cup in 1986.

Wenger has given the club so much and any fan that question his position should think again and look at the facts. Within a season, Bruce Rioch's only great contribution was to bring Dennis Bergkamp to the club, whilst Arsenal struggled to get into Europe.

George Graham was a successful manager winning six trophies in nine years, but could not combine great football with results. Graham may have won six trophies but his achievements at the club are dwarfed by Arsene Wenger.

Wenger has won 11 trophies in 13 years, spearheaded a move to a state-of-the-art stadium, introduced diets that improved players' performances and longevity, has an uncanny eye for talent and has set up a world class scouting system, he has created and managed a team to go unbeaten the whole season.

Quite simply, he is one of the shrewdest managers in the world.

The greatest gift Wenger has ever given the club is a school of football, which has also been integrated by Johan Cruyff for Barcelona. Take Barcelona, Cruyff installed a system, a style of play and the use of home-grown players that is still in place, seven players that started in the Champions League final came from Barcelona's Cantera.

Wenger has implemented a school a football which invests in youth, to play attacking football and to produce home-grown players. Arsenal have a flawless blueprint that will last at least another fifteen years, and this is all thanks to Arsene Wenger.

When teams like Barcelona and Arsenal have a school of football they will always have a chance of winning major honors.

The media, the opposition, and a lot of Arsenal fans have written off Arsenal before a ball has been kicked, upon closer examination this is not the case. Liverpool have lost one of their best players and have replaced him with Aquillani, who is injury prone and some are calling him "the new Dossena" due to his poor attitude.

Liverpool lack depth in their attack beyond Gerrard and Torres, where else will Liverpool get the goals, Babel or Kuyt possibly.

Chelsea have appointed Ancleotti, a manger who employed the diamond formation at Milan and played against Arsenal and lost. Scolari employed the same formation as Ancelotti, he was found out and ultimately sacked. Chelsea have to contend with the African cup of nations where they will lose Drogba, Essien, Mikel and Kalou.

Manchester United have lost their best player and that alone has left them weakened. United will challenge but like Arsenal missed Henry in later stages of the 2007-2008 season, they are likely to struggle in retaining the title.

Manchester City will not finish in the top four—not because the personnel—but the manager is not equipped to deal with too many egos. David Moyes, Roy Hodgson, and Martin O'Neil are superior managers than Mark Hughes.

Where Arsenal have an advantage over these teams, is in Wenger installing the same system from the first team to the youth teams. So the likes of Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs can easily slot into the first team.

Manchester United are adopting this policy with the Da Silva twins, Macheda, and Wellbeck coming into the first team but are at least three years behind Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger may have only signed Vermaelen, but Wenger may have played a masterstroke by promoting the players from the youth cup winning side ready to step up, he may not have to sign anyone.

Francis Coquelin plays like Makelele and Emmanuel Frimpong is a dominant figure in the Vieira mould. I would not be surprised if Wenger played either one of these two in the first team, in the same way he gave Cesc Fabregas his chance. 

Even if Arsenal go five years without winning a trophy, which I doubt, most Arsenal fans will want Wenger to leave. That would be foolish as this man has protected the board, his players, and the club as a whole on countless occasions.

The final week of the season was a worrying one for Arsenal fans as Wenger's legacy seemed to be at an end and he would leave for Real Madrid. Arsenal fans once again realised just how important Wenger is to the whole club, not just on the pitch.

Wenger has transformed Arsenal from mediocrity to one of the best teams in Europe, by implementing this school of football, which allows us to compete with the clubs who rely on a billionaire. That will keep Arsenal among the best clubs in the world even when Wenger's tenure has come to an end.

This is the greatest gift Arsenal has received, this is why Arsene Wenger should never be asked to leave Arsenal by anyone.

In Arsene I Trust, I hope all of those connected to Arsenal feel the same.



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