NFL 2009 Preseason Predictions Week 1

alberto torresContributor IAugust 12, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 1: Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles practices during minicamp at the NovaCare Complex on May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

Week One Predictions:

Washington Redskins Vs. Baltimore Ravens

This Will be a Very physical game on the part of both Defenses but i see this game being a low scoring game, baltimore finds a way to win this game. Bal.16 skins 13

New England Vs Philadelphia

Hey you never no this may be a preview of what you can see in the Superbowl a Repeat of the Super bowl 5 yrs ago this time (bias opinion) the Birds win it alll JAJA. Okay on a serious note depending on if Brady plays or not it shouldnt really be a big deal i see the eagles winning this game by at least a Td if not 2, either team could take the lead but with a Content mcnabb leading for a series or a Quarter expect the Scoreboard to be Lit up than AJ Feeley And Nagy an interesting New QB we got will be playing, NE will play well an will score but it will be the Birds from the philly that win this game. 28 Eagles 17 NE

Arizona Vs Pittsburgh( SB rematch)

I dont really care for this game though i will be rooting for the Steelers in this Game, again i dont expect it to be a high scoring game but hey that can change with a high powered offense that Arizona has, though Dominant that the steelers may be they wont be able to (unfortunantly) beat out the Cards in there revenge match against the Steelers. Arizona 23 Steelers 16

Dallas Vs. OAK

Lets See how Hot Tony Romo Can Get into the Preseason it would seem that this is a gimme for the Boys as hard as that is to say that since im an Eagles Fan jaja(bias)....

But hey Oak wins thats a good thing, i know preseason dont count but if you show off strong flashes hey u might get somewhere if you get hot at the Right time.

Tony Romo should be just fine with his weapons as will Either Jeff Garcia or J. Russell both will play i see Garcia giving more of himself to watch his team this first bout but the cowboys answers the Raiders call and win a close one. Dallas 23 Oak 20


Interesting Game here which features 2 great D coord now head coaches of teams that really werent significant, Could this be a turn around for both teams, Especially the Rams with New head coach Spags( D coord of the SB Giants) this game will be very interesting in the way each defense will be tested, Jets in my opinion as of now has the Stronger D an a more Potent Offense with new QB Sanchez and there RBs TEs and WRs, but that doesnt leave behind a healthy Bulger though Inconsistent has weapons and has a Strong RB in Jackson. its hard to pin point who wins here but im going to have to choose the Jets in this one. Jets 21 Rams 17.


Bottom line IND never wins these Preseason games i think Min. Wins fairly easy.

Min 28 IND. 7

CIN Vs N.O.(saints)

Very Potent offenses 2 of the leagues most dominant passers in Brees and Palmer i think this game will be a slingfest Td after TD but in the long run it will be very close game i expect this game to be one of the Top Preseason games with points scored but my gut tells me the Bengals win this in a close game. Bengals 36 NO 33

Den Vs SF

NEw QB its only preseason so thats why you have games like this to learn the system an get adjusted what i mean with this is Kyle Orton an his new team the Broncos this Game will be a tough battle to begin with but im going with Denver to win this Game in a close bout. Den 20 SF 16

the list of other teams have Great teams but im pressed for time so imma put up the other teams that will be playing up until next monday with there predictions comment an let me know what you think.

 ATL VS DET( surprise pick)

DET 27 Atl 24


CHI 28 BUF 24


GB 31 Cle 17


TEN 21 TB 10


Hou 24 KC 20


SEA 27 SD 20


MIA 23 JAc 13


Car 17 Giants 14

Give your opinions its the NFL SEASON An here we go... Let me know what you think 


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