Aaron Dotson Before LSU Was Interested!

Jason McClearyContributor IAugust 11, 2009


This time last year the 6-foot-4 swingman out of Seattle Washington Aaron Dotson was a Bulldog attending Garfield High School. Now Dotson has found a new home not too far away from Garfield. He will be attending another powerhouse basketball program in Seattle and this time it's Rainier Beach. Dotson hopes to win a state title this year with his talented squad and coach. With the season around the corner and fall ball finishing up, Dotson is looking forward to this year.


"I like it here at Rainier Beach and everything is going well. We did really well in fall ball. I think we have a good chance to win it all this year. Reggie (Moore) and I played together all summer and play well together."

Three schools come to mind when you mention great Seattle High School programs that have produced some of the finer players throughout the state of Washington, Franklin, Garfield and Rainier Beach. Dotson is attempting to make a name for him after a productive summer, has received a few offers and has a number of other programs that he is interested in.

"So far I have an offer from Oregon State and Georgia. I plan to visit Georgia. Some of the schools I have heard from are Oregon, UCLA, Georgia, Arizona State, Kansas, and University of Washington."

The word on the street floating around the Seattle area that the University of Washington is recruiting Dotson really hard. Word has it that they are looking at him, and those rumors are somewhat true. Dotson has heard from the Huskies, but not as much as has been rumored according to Aaron himself. He told us that he has had only a single, but involved conversation with Lorenzo Romar and a few letters. That doesn't rule out anything for Dotson though.

"I like UW a lot and the pace they play. I like the fast-paced style and we played that in the summer and at Rainier Beach."

Dotson brings a lot to the table as hard-nosed player, though many are still unsure of what position he will play in college. Regardless, Dotson is working on all aspects of his game and he's a player that can run the floor, rebound and score.

"I bring rebounding, passing, and scoring to the table. I do need to work on my dribbling and penetrating to the basket more. I feel I am a good shooter. I am working out with trainer, John Foster."

With the season coming up just around the corner, Dotson will try his best to help Rainier Beach win a state title. Don't be surprised if you see Coach Romar with a bag of popcorn in the corner, checking up on Dotson. The question remains, will UW make an offer to Dotson sometime in the near future? We will just have to wait and see.