Zeke Arrives at UW a yr ago!

Jason McClearyContributor IAugust 11, 2009

WESTWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 19:  Isaiah Thomas #2 of the Washington Huskies looks on during their NCAA basketball game against the UCLA Bruins at Pauley Pavilion on February 19, 2009 in Westwood, California. The Bruins defeated the Huskies 85-76.  (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)



Isaiah Thomas has arrived!



The highly touted incoming freshman Isaiah Thomas has finished his last year at South Kent Prep.  Isaiah aka Zeke may be the most anticipated guard to join the Huskies since the Nate Robinson days.  With the ability to shoot from anywhere on the court and creating his own shot.  Thomas is ready for the challenge and is glad to be back.


“There’s no place like home.  I missed my family so it’s good to be back with them.  It feels to be back where I belong.”



Thomas hasn’t wasted anytime getting down to Hec Ed to play with current Huskies and former Huskies


“I have been to a couple open runs at UDubb!  Spencer Hawes was up there, Jon Brockman, Venoy Overton, Justin Dentmon, etc.  Most of the squad was up there.  It was fun playing with them, and has got me anxious to get the season started.”


Enjoying every bit of the moment!  Thomas is enjoying his times he has played so far with his future teammates.  Relishing the moments and taking it one day at a time.


“The open runs have been solid.  I mean, it was just some pick up ball, so not everyone was really going their hardest.  Just having fun playing ball with my future teammates! I did what I do, and had fun.”


Thomas has been true to the Huskies since he signed on the dotted line.  With all the talent that this state has, everyone is leaving to different programs but Thomas.  With the loyalty he has for the Huskies.  There is no question Thomas wants to get the team were they were a couple years ago and that’s to the Big Dance in March. Although it isn’t a one man team! The goals Thomas has set hopefully the rest of the team will follow.


“My goals are to lead the team.  To be an emotional leader, and do whatever I can do to make us successful.  Whether it’s get buckets, assists, steals, etc.  Whatever Coach Romar tells me I gotta do for us to be successful that’s what I’m gonna do.”


Coach Romar and Dollar like what they have in Thomas and abilities on what he can do on the court.


“I talk to Romar and Dollar a lot.  They don’t want to change my game at all.  They want me to come in and play ball the way I always have.  They told me they are looking for me to make an instant impact on the team.”


With a whole summer to go train and take classes.  Thomas will be having a busy summer getting ready to make his first appearance wearing the purple and gold. 


“This summer I’m gonna be working out with some of the NBA guys from Seattle like my big bro Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Will Conroy, Brandon Roy, etc.  I’m also gonna work out with my big bro Carlton Weatherby in Cali for about a week, my big bro Curtis Terry and working out with my lil homies from Tacoma Abdul Gaddy and Avery Bradley.”


With the passion and love Thomas has for the game.  The people around him have pushed him to be the person he is today on and off the court.  When Thomas left Curtis High School it was one of the biggest decisions of his life to move east and to get him eligible for college. The love he has for Tacoma, it was hard for Thomas to leave.  For the people who have pushed Thomas to become the person he is today.  Thanks for leading him down the right path.


“I just want to thank my friends and family for sticking with me thru this difficult two yrs, especially my big bro Alonzo and big bro Jamal for keeping my head on straight and just guiding me through this process.”



Husky Digest has followed Zeke’s whole High school and prep career and we wish him nothing but the best during his college career.


“Get ready for the show I’m about to put on this upcoming season”