Letters Of Apology To The Cubs

Matt 'Frostin' FooteCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

Dear Alfonso Soriano,

Hey man. How's it going? I'm sorry about your year. I mean I guess it isn't too bad. You guys in Chicago are still in the race. Tell them fans though that I don't want to hear anything about it. It is you front office's fault. Milton, God bless him, wasn't a good choice. Tell Big Z I'm sorry about his injury riddeled season. 


Albert Pujols



Dear Carlos Zambrano,

Look who has the upper hand now Carlos! Haha! Remember when you said, "Man Carpenter has no chance". Look who had the last laugh! Wich reminds me, you missed your grass cutting job. No pay check for you.


Chris Carpenter



Dear Lou Pinella,

Who's the top dog now? Ya, that's right. Tony the man. Again. You didn't deserve that Manager of The Year. Swept in the first round! HAHAHAAHAHA at least when we get swept it's in the WS!


Tony Larussa :P



Dear Cubs Management,

I hate you. Also, Milton Bradley sucks!


Steve Bartman



Dear Chicago,

101 years. Man, you should've let my goat in.


Billy Sianis



Man Pujols is to nice...

Let's just look at this picture for a moment.


Wonder what they are saying?

"Man that was some good hitting Kosuke!"

" ありがとう, ありがとうございます, 感謝します, 大感謝 ! (Thank you very much!)"

"My mother is a saint!"

"いいえ、私は大変ありがとうございますと言いました!(No, I said thank you very much!)"

"I knew you were a bad acquisition, geez some no good immigrant..."


Proof that Fukudome wasn't the best idea.