Frankie Catches Men with Their Pants Down (Humor)

Robert OrzechowskiAnalyst IAugust 11, 2009

Armed with a Charlie Chaplin hat and Hitler moustache, Frankie disguised herself and made her way into the men's locker room at the Roger's Cup tournament in Montreal, Canada.

There were many tennis player milling about and most of them were in no mood to answer reporters' questions.  They were either coming back from a hard won match or a heartbreaking loss, or were deep in concentration for their approaching match.

Frankie's eyes darted left to right.  She had not seen this much beefcake since her stint to interview the Chippendales in all their glory.  Her eyes went from the left-right direction to the down direction. 

She was in a delirious state.  She started to talk to herself in a not-so-quiet fashion.

"Andy Murray, boy you have beefed up my friend and...oh...well there is one area I guess that does not get bigger with the rest of you.  Poor Britain!"

"There goes Nadal.  Oh my...they were right about him.  He really is a bull.  Vamos and get out of the way."

"Here comes the legend Roger Federer.  Oh take the towel off.  Please take the towel off...yes...but tattoos on the back cheeks.  I am impressed!"

"Andy Roddick in full exposed nudity.  Uh oh.  Hey buddy, keep the cap are spoiling the rest of the package...hubba hubba..."

"Gael Monfils, no wonder you are continuously hitting too far out.  You are pointing to the to compensate for that pal, A la prochaine!"

"Uh oh, here comes Verdasco chasing me.  Doesn't he know that I am supposed to be a man?"

"Excuse me, Novak!  Seen it all before on the court...and um...I like the top half better than the bottom half."

Frankie running from Verdasco, runs head first into a big security guard and bounces off his pot belly and onto the floor.

Her moustache did not follow her and stuck to the security guard's wet and greasy shirt.

"This belong to you?" he asked, dangling the mini-moustache.

As all the players gathered around to watch the commotion, the security guard picked Frankie up and escorted her out. 

"I'll be back, fellows...maybe we can have a beer and talk about the Knick's game?"

"I love you, Roger"


"I  L O V E  Y O U  R O G E R ! ! ! "

As she disappeared out down the hall, the men looked at each other shaking their heads before getting back to their old routine.