Super Cena Strikes Again: Another Boring Raw!

Smoke And MirrorsContributor IAugust 11, 2009

First of all, I would like to introduce myself; I am Faysal, form Saudi Arabia, I am a huge wrestling fan, and I am 17 years old. I hope you all enjoy my blogs, and I hope that I can make good friends on this site.

I would also like to state that I barely watch Raw as it is, so far, I have only watched five episodes this year and have regretted all of them. One of those five episodes were last night's Raw.

I figured having the show in Canada, they would probably want to impress the Canadian fans (who are well known as "hard to impress") by giving stellar performances INSIDE THE RING instead of stupid promos. I was sadly mistaken.

Raw opened with Randy Orton, cutting a generic tweener promo getting a mixed reaction (65 percent boos, 35 percent cheers). It seemed like the opening segment will be okay until...Super Cena comes in!

He cuts his infamous "I am cool, you are not, everybody loves me, everybody hates you, I play by the rules, you don't" promo, with the crowd (and Micheal Cole) acting as if that was cool, and as if they have never heard such a thing before.

Both were interrupted (I say interrupted when I mean saved) by Jeri-Show, who got a loud pop since Jericho is Canadian. Big Show claims that he is intimidating, Cena makes a stupid joke about that, then Jericho informs them that tonight it will be Jericho vs Cena and Big Show vs Orton.

Cena (as always) was not scared, and tried to gain the Canadian fans and make them hate Jericho by claiming that Jericho left Canada.... Uncool, John. Uncool.

The Miz made his return tonight winning a contract-in-a-pole match (Yeah, I thought I was watching TNA too) as "Calgary Kid," only to unmask himself as being himself. So basically, they made last week's Raw main event seem worthless. Who books this BS?

They had some stupid skits called "The Search For Shawn,", where HHH would go to Texas to look for HBK, only to find him working as a cook (sorry, chef) in a cafeteria. This whole thing made me happy for two reasons, and made me angry for two reasons:

-It made me angry because last time I checked, this was a heated rivalry, yet DX turned it into a comedy festival. It also got me pissed because they did not build for this match at Summerslam whatsoever.

-It made me happy because I didn't get to see HHH in action again burying some guy. And I was also happy because I saw that HBK was well-rested and he looked much better than before his rest.

The Big Show vs. Orton match made me sick, they had Big Show getting buried by Cena week after week, but all of a sudden, the WWE freakin' champion is afraid of him, very self contradicting.

They had Orton run away and get counted out. Only for the announcing team to clarify everything by saying that "Orton didn't want to get injured before his SummerSlam match". Yeah...

After that, they did something so selfish that I wanted to eat my face! Instead of giving Jericho one night of gratitude after working so hard, appearing on both Smackdown and Raw, putting so many talent over, and giving excellent matches and promos.. you would guess that they would let him get his cheers from the one place where the crowd appreciate real wrestling, not idiots like Cena.

Guess again, they had him claim that he is not Canadian and that Canada sucks and stuff like that.

I gotta tell you, the WWE protects Cena way too much that they should steal away any attempt for Cena to get booed, it's like they brainwash the children into believing that Cena is the modern-day superman.

However, the Canadian fans did not fall for that one, they still cheered for Jericho and booed Cena. Until Orton and Jericho ruined everything by ending the match and not giving Jericho his long-deserved win.

Then the "Special Guest Host GM,",or whatever you want to call that old piece of garbage, came out and announced that next week it would be Cena and Orton vs Jeri-Show.

Sgt. Slaughter proved to be the worse GM so far, by literally doing nothing. Every 15 minutes or so, he would come to the stage and gain some cheap heat. And did not announce a single match. I noticed no build for SummerSlam whatsoever this week.

Next week, Freddie Prinze Jr. who is uncharismatic and a failure as a Smackdown writer, will guest host Raw next week! There is nothing more interesting than a D-List celebrity making an appearance, that screams "buyrates," and it seemed like DX will be back. Yeah, I'm not watching next week's Raw...