Batman Returns: Alex Rodriguez Back in Yankee's Lineup Next Week

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIMay 15, 2008

"M-V-P!, M-V-P!, M-V-P!..."

The chants are few and far between but they are there... in the stands, in the bleachers, in the press boxes... most Yankee fans whom scold Alex Rodriguez for his post-season performances of late, just want what A-Rod wants, to win.

After a post season the Yankees are trying to put behind them, another first round exit quickly covered up the fact that Alex had one of the best seasons we have seen by any player in quite some time. 26 Championships aren't enough for most Yankees fans, who know that the Yankees haven't got that elusive 27th title after eight years since the last one.

41 games into 2008, the Yankees are a game under .500 and are without two of their best hitters in Jorge Posada and none other then Alex Rodriguez, who are both on the DL.  Posada is not expected to be back until June with shoulder inflammation.  While A-Rod is out with a mild right quad strain but is due back next week.

Alex will play some extended spring training games over the weekend, and will resume play with the Yankees on Tuesday in the Bronx against the Orioles if all goes well.

With the pitching woes the Yankees have had lately, a bigger note is the fact that their offense is one of the coldest in baseball.  Expected to be one of the best hitting teams in baseball, 20 other teams in baseball have more runs this year then the Yankees.

So as it stands now, the Yankees are in a deep hole and need any help they can get at the moment, and they will look to A-Rod to get the offense going.  There is honestly nothing else at the moment for any Yankees fan to be happy right now other then that A-Rod's injury is not more serious then it is and he is returning to the team.  Love him or hate him, he is the reigning AL MVP.  

I for one, will not be surprised to see Rodriguez go on an offensive tear and once again contend for the MVP award and help carry the Yankees to October baseball. 

However, Alex can't solve all of the problems for the Yankees.  With poor play and bad breaks thus far, Hank Steinbrenner has public harsh words for the Yankees, saying that they aren't playing to their full capabilities and could play harder.  Not only that, the pitching problems are few and far between.

The dog days of summer aren't even here yet so its no time for any Yankees fan to press the panic button, and the same goes for Hank Steinbrenner.  Just sit back, relax and watch things start to come to life.  Because they will.

This is the time where you will start seeing most sports analysts such as John Kruk and Steve Phillips rule the Yankees out of October contention just as they did last season.  The Yankees have an entire second half to terrorize the baseball world, and Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees have the pride and heart to get back into the swing of things.