A Shockingly Good Monday Night Raw...Finally!

Jesse MitchellCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

ORANGE, CA - MAY 08:  Wrestler John Cena arrives at the Lions Gate Premiere of 'See No Evil' at the Century Stadium Promenade 25 on May 8, 2006 in Orange, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

I have almost come to dread watching Monday Night Raw lately, so imagine my surprise when they put together a good, almost great, show from Calgary tonight.

They even had more matches (seven in total), than Smackdown and Superstars put together! The crowd was great and the superstars themselves were at the top of their games. Orton continues to bring heat, and John Cena gave one of the most passionate promos I have seen from him in a long, long time.

That is after hearing news that made me rethink my whole opinion of both, which I will go into later.

It was odd to hear the great crowd pop that Chris Jericho received...well before he accidentally revealed that he was not really from Canada.

And despite being extremely rusty on the mic, guest host SGT Slaughter did a good job of getting the crowd riled up by coming out and making fun of Canadians, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and then having Jillian sing God Bless America. Yeah it was horrible, but funny, nevertheless.

So the show started with great potential, and I just had to keep watching to see how they would screw it all up.

But, for once, they didn't. A solid show, with just a few miscues. I wonder if they fired the writers, or just have been reading my articles and took my suggestions (BTW, found out that both JR and Arn Anderson have been reading the articles, so maybe that is true).

The show started with a fatal four way Divas match with the winner receiving a future Championship match between Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, and Beth Phoenix. But this wasn't a typical Divas match, with all four putting on a good performance.

I was really impressed with Alicia Fox's improvement, and she may have the best tilt-a-whirl back breaker in the business.

Gail Kim is heads above the rest in skills, and I was glad to see her revive her awesome jaw-breaker finisher from her TNA days to pick up the victory. Surprisingly good match from start to finish.

Triple H's journey to Texas looking for Shawn Michael's was hilarious, and typical DX material. After finding Michael's working as a chef, Michael's agreed to return after super-kicking both his boss and a little rich kid who was annoying him. Funny, I tell you. Shawn looked good, well rested, and was in rare form during the vignettes.

Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne put on a solid, fast paced match that ended with Swagger picking up a convincing win. MVP coming out just added heat to their upcoming match, and for their sakes, I hope  their matches are better than their promos, although MVP is getting better.

I had heard over the grapevine that Eugene was hired back, but tonight they put him in a "Contract on a Pole Match" against an unknown Calgary Kidd, who turned out to be none other than Miz.

This was an exciting swerve that I did not see coming, but I was kinda surprised that Eugene would be hired after the firing of much better talent in Mr. Kennedy, Ricky Ortiz, and Brian Kendrick.

But I quit trying to make sense of the hiring and firing routine long ago, although Mr. Kennedy shed a lot of insight into that in an exclusive interview I will tell you about in just a sec.

I was a little apprehensive about the Big Show fighting Randy Orton, and just thought this would be another instance of idiotic writing. If Orton loses two weeks before defending his title at Summerslam, it makes him not worthy of the belt in the first place. If Show loses, it throws away his push as an unstoppable bully.

The match ended with Orton getting counted out,a nd while a little disappointing, it made a lot of sense, and works better that way. Impressed me that the Hollowood writers figured that one out. But it was a good, solid, match witch added to both characters charisma and demeanor.

MVP vs. Chris Masters was an interesting match with a quick win for MVP. This set up a sneak attack by Swagger and Masters that added heat to the upcoming bout between Swagger and MVP at Summerslam.

I guess the firsat good show in a year had to have some bad points. Putting Mark Henry in a tag match with Hornswaggle as his partner against Legacy made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I mean, Henry has been getting a good push lately, with wins over Orton, legacy,a nd any others that face him. And now they change his name to Markswoggle and have him dancing with a Leprechaun. While Vince is in a firing mood, I say fire the midget, and let Henry be the dominant Silver-back again.

The last match between Cena and Jericho was in the same situation as the Big Show-Orton match. If either Superstar lost, it would cause their character to lose major heat before the second biggest pay-per-view in the company. Having it end on a disqualification was the right way to go.

Surprising twist at the end having Orton and Cena team up to take out Jericho and the Big Show, setting up an epic match next week with them teaming to face the tag team champions.

So WWE can put on a good show on Monday nights. I will admit that it was not the best, but it was a drastic improvement over the last three months or so.

Now for the exclusive interview given to Ken Anderson by ESPN Milwaukee that I have received permission to promote here.

Ken gave an hour and a half interview where he laid it all out about the inner workings of the WWE, the real reason he got fired, and how three stars are in Vince's pockets calling the shots in many situations, to the rest of the locker rooms demise.

He goes into why Bob Holly was really fired, how Randy Orton faked an injury by order of Vince to cause him to lose his job. Ken Anderson is the former Mr. Kennedy.

You will be shocked by what you hear, and you will figure out real quick why WWE is going the way of WCW, and how if TNA is smart, they will hit the giant on the way down.

The interview can be found my going to this site.

Until next time friends, have a great week and I will see you after Thursday's Impact on Spike.