Royals Fan Says: Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper?

Jordan BrattCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

KANSAS CITY - JUNE 12:  A fan of the Kansas City Royals cheers in the stands during the game against the Cincinnati Reds on June 12, 2009 at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

As the quality of baseball the KC Royals run out on a daily basis continues to rapidly decline - along with the perceived value of their upper level management - we fans are left with little.

This is common-place for the modern Royal fan, but the feeling will never be welcomed.

It burns.

Every year.

We know it is going to happen, but we refuse to say mercy.

"Emil Brown isn't that bad in the four hole."

"Maybe Sweeney will play 130 games this year."

"John Buck should come around."

You'd think by now we would have learned.

After their often quoted 18-11 start, the Royals are the worst team in baseball. 

They are even dominating the Washington Nationals in losing.

"Great!" some Royals fans are sarcastically screaming. "Another high draft pick for the franchise to screw up."

Fortunately, this year presents a couple no-brainer selections at the top of thedraft  board.

All the Royals have to do is keep losing.


Stephen Strasburg

If the Washington Nationals fail to sign this young phenom, he will re-enter the draft next season strapped with a 100+ mph fastball and Scott Boras.

Reports are that Strasburg and Boras are looking for 6-years/$50 million and require a great deal of that to be guaranteed.

General Managers will point to the current pay of established stars, and Boras will mention 13-1, 1.32, and 195 K in 109 IP his final year as an Aztec.

He will eventually get paid, and whoever pays him would be smart to get him to the big league level ASAP to get the most out of that dynamic arm while it still pops.

There is little precedence for power like his.

Who knows how long it will last.

If the Nats do not sign him, they cannot re-draft him next season.  Therefore, the Royals can be better than the Nationals but nobody else if they want Strasburg.

A top of the rotation that consists of Greinke, Meche and Strasburg - with Hochevar and Bannister in the wings - makes the die hard Royal fan drool.

We could improve defense, still stink offensively and win consistently with that rotation.

As long as he pans out.


Bryce Harper

The wunderkind from Sin City has already been referred to as "The LeBron James of Baseball" and has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, yet he hasn't even had a drivers license for a full year.

He was the first high school sophomore to be named First Team All American by Baseball Reference.

It is said that he hits 500+ foot home runs.

He pitches in the mid-90's.

He plays third, shortstop, catches and pitches.

He is basically Paul Bunyan and The Mighty Casey rolled into one.

He is considered a once in a lifetime type talent, and nobody wants to take Sam Bowie when they can have Michael Jordan.

How do you not take this kid if you have the worst record in baseball?

If he lives up to the hype, he is exactly the type of player that can turn a franchise around - no matter which position he plays.

His selection is an easy pull of the trigger for the worst team in baseball.

However, his sign-ability is another issue.

Based on the fact he is leaving high school early and obtaining his GED in order to enter the draft, it is fair to say that he is looking to be rich sooner than later.

He wants to sign now, but you have to show him the money.

Whoever selects Harper better be ready to pay, and if the Royals keep losing at their current rate Mr. Glass better be ready to shell out 6 year/$50 million type money.


So do the Royals draft for offense or defense?

If Dayton Moore sticks to his original plan and improves through pitching and defense, Strasburg is his man.

If that is the case, I am a bit worried.

The Portland Trail Blazers chose Sam Bowie because you were supposed to build around a Center back then.

Nowadays, baseball teams are supposed to build around pitching.

Are we going to draft based on talent or position?

Or will the Nats sign Strasburg in the final hour and out-lose us the rest of the year?

As a Royal fan there is always something to stress about.

I like worrying about this instead of dropped pop-ups for a change, though.


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