An Open Letter As Dictated By Roger Federer To Bleacher Report (Humor)

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An Open Letter As Dictated By Roger Federer To Bleacher Report (Humor)
(Photo by AELTC/Bob Martin via Getty Images)

Hello All My Fans and Everyone Else,

Yeah, I mean I just wanted to write this brief letter, you kind of respond to all the feedback out there with Rafa and all, you know...

I mean, I won Wimbledon and the French Open and Rafa didn't, you know...He is still a great competitor, you know and I look forward to battling with him some more, you know and Andy Murray is improving and so is Andy Roddick who right now is, you know, playing unbelievable.

I mean, don't worry Andy, you are you know, going to come back next year and win it if I don't make at least the semi-finals so I am sure you are going to do know?

I mean all these younger players are going to come at me you know and I am just going to do my best, I mean to beat them and defend my title, you know.

Sure I mean these guys are all dangerous and can get at you if you are not with your game, you know.

You know, I have been through some hard times, you know.  Wimbledon 2008 was difficult for me and Rafa grabbed the crown at the very last minute due to darkness, you know.  I mean. That was difficult.

So Andy I know how it feels to lose, you know?  I know how it feels to let the tears all out when you are trying to hold it in you know. 

I don't know what is going to happen for the US Open, you know, but I feel that I have a great chance to reclaim the glory, you know.  I mean it is astounding to think that I could take home a sixth US Open and consecutively, you know. 

I mean, I don't know what else I can tell you, you know?  I mean it's the "not knowing", you know?  I mean, sure anything can happen right? 

Well that is about all you know.  I mean, I have nothing else to say and if I did you wouldn't know what I was talking about, you know so let's leave it at that. 


Roger Federer

Editor's Note:  Yeah, I mean, we know Roger, you know?




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