Anderson Silva: No Known Adjectives Do Him Justice

Andrew PargoffCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2017

Going into the highly anticipated Anderson Silva-Forrest Griffin fight, one could only wonder what was to come. Would Griffin make a triumphant comeback and take down the dominant Silva? Would Silva win again?

In the pre-fight interviews, Forrest Griffin's tape came to a close with him saying, "All I know is one of us is going to end up getting knocked out."

That sure was the case. After roughly 90 seconds or so of the two fighters feeling one another out, Silva took over by catching Griffin's leg and sending him to the floor. Griffin got up, only to get taken down soon thereafter, with Silva landing several blows to his head while he laid on the canvas.

Silva then recoiled, and extended an arm as if to help Griffin up from the fall he had just sent him on.

Silva then went on to drop his hands and let Griffin strike him. Griffin only landed three punches tops, but Silva stepped in, almost methodically after a Griffin miss and landed a jab that sent Griffin to the floor. As Silva raced around his body to pounce on him, Griffin threw his hand up to give in.

Silva won. Just like that.

Forrest Griffin was out of the ring and into his dressing room before Silva could even put his hands up to celebrate.

Anderson Silva is as technically skilled as anyone I can remember ever seeing.

I tend to talk a whole lot. So does one of my friends that I watched the fights with. After Griffin threw up his hand and the fight was called, we stared at each other in disbelief, speechless.

Anderson Silva may be a cocky son of a bitch, but it seems unfair to call him cocky, since he backed it up and then some. Forrest Griffin wasn't shipping up to Boston, he was shipping out of the octagon.

Talk about sending a message.