Oski Wee Wee Oski Wah Wah: Ti-Cats Two Games Above .500

Brad NortonCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2009

Well, aside from the rain, I have to say that it was worth seeing it live and the cheap seats are the best, especially when it's raining.

I'll give you 4 reasons why: In front there is a little concrete track and then the endzone and the cheerleaders spend a lot of time standing right in front of you on that track,shaking those sexy bodies while cheering and the tight costumes add to that sexyness.

But, to top all that they are getting wet in white, tight costumes because they are standing in the rain. That should count as four reasons alone. But, to add to that you always have the roudiest fans in the cheap section (the rockin out, die hard guys and the guy totally wasted just yelling at the players to catch the ball and stuff, and telling the cheerleaders to wiggle something. 

I forget the other two. But, you have to go to at least one live game a year. There is nothing like it. Alright, now to the game recap.

The Ti-cats faced a tough team to beat and one that had the same record as them and the best record in the west in the Edmonton Eskimos. Now, you really question QB Quinton Porter in the first half as he makes frequent mistakes.

Infact, it is almost as if he has to warm up and get a feel for the game because he really shows his stuff in the second half and he was a factor in Hamilton's come from behind win.

Yes, it's true the Ti-cats came from behind 14-21 to beat the Eskimos scoring two unanswered TD for a final score of Edmonton 21-Hamilton 28. One winning run off of a pick off by Hamilton.   

A Ricky Ray bomb was intercepted by Markeith Knowlton at his teams own 21-yard line, he ran with the ball to the Edmonton 43-yard line, then was tackled. Hamilton set up at the Edmonton 43-yard line and Porter passed it to an open Deandra Cobb who went on a 40-yard run.

Which was initially ruled a TD. But, after a challenge it was deemed his knee was down at the one-yard line which to me made no sense to how it wasn't a TD because as far as I know, the ball hit the ground in the end zone and it always counts where the ball lands unless you are going out of bounds.

Hmm?... anyways, it didn't really matter because it ate more time away from the minute that was left in the game and QB Quinton Porter would rush the one-yard to give the Ti-cats the winning TD.

The Ti-Cats were trailing most of the game and really the only things they had going for them in the first half were Arland Bruce and Chris Davis seeming like the only ones who caught the ball and Porter could decently throw to.

I'm not sure if those were the guys who scored the TD in the half. But, they were getting all the first downs and yards. Then, Porter I guess finished warming up. None the less, It put's the Ti-cats two games above .500 and a 4-2 record since at least four years.

Next Sunday the Ti-Cats head to Saskatchewan to face the 3-3 Roughriders which should be a good game. I wouldn't be surprised if they're continued solid play led them to the win. But, only time will tell if they can continue to "mesh" well.

They're next home game is the always exciting Labour Day Classic against the Argos that I will be attending. There is always Argos fans that ride down the 403 and come to Ivor Wynne. If you are attending live like me, Consider this a warning that fights and/or brawls will ensue. Should be fun!


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