Is WWE the Smartest Company in the World? Or the Dumbest?

Black SnowContributor IAugust 9, 2009

No I am not talking about the creative team, the wrestlers, or even the stockholders. I am talking about the group of people that made the PG rating for all WWE programming.

The PG rating has upset most of the educated wrestling community, but it has brought in some younger people whose parents would have not let them watch ever before.

I perfectly remember not being able to watch RAW with my older brother because it had the rating of TV-MA.

But that also made me want to watch even more. Because everyone knows that if you tell a kid "Do not take a cookie from the cookie jar" what is the first thing they do. Of course they take it becuase that is all they can think about.

The same thing happend to me. How could you not want to watch. I was in third grade with everyone talking about wrestlers that would make funny jokes, punch people in the face and the unheard of Middle Finger not to mention all the hard hitting action.

That is why at first I was very mad when WWE changed its rating. I thought I would be seeing all the crazy stuff and maybe some better things than before. At that time I though WWE was the stupidest company in the world.

But then I realized the day my dad told me I could not watch WWE/F because of the rating that I wanted it to have a PG rating.

Then a couple of months later I realized that the WWE is genius. They are drawing in all the young people and making them become rabid fans. The WWE probably has a general idea of the average age of the young people watching now.

So say that age is nine years old. The WWE will continue to be PG until that age is 13 or 14 years old. Then the WWE will change back to the TV-MA rating or the TV-14.

Then maybe the WWE will have thought of some new Mature material in the coming years.

I hope this is the case for WWE.

Black Snow