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I can hear the haters and name callers right now.  They are excercising their vocal cords, looking through their books of rhetoric, trying to decide what to call me.  But in the end, I am ok.  I've got broad shoulders and the heart of the lion to ask questions most meat heads can't even imagine.

So I ask, is it possible that professional sports are fixed?  First of all, everyone who hasn't been hit in the head 50 times by a boxing glove knows boxing is fixed.  So I don't even need to spend a minute describing why that sport it fixed!

Professional sports is billed as entertainment, much as the WWE and all other professional wrestling.  It is Entertainment.

So what would happen if the professionals didn't put out a product that entertained?  Their kingdom would fall and they would go bankrupt!

I think of the many games between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics.  I am reminded of the many rivalries. And I think about the story book endings.

While thousands, if not millions of sports fans go to bed beleiving what they just saw was reality (even reality tv is hardly reality!), I go to bed wondering if the fix is on.

At what level, at what point does the powers at be, the suits unseen, dip their magical hands and turn what I used to believe was real into a hollywood script, in order to rake in more money?  At what point does a team win a game in order to force a fifth and even a sixth game?

And the players won't squeel.  Why would they?  That would ruin their cash cow!

The NBA has proven that their referees can fix games.

So why can't the NBA, MLB and the NFL?

Hate me if you must.  But understand the truth always must prevail!

The fix is on.  Want to know who will win the Superbowl?

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