Fans to Ronaldinho - Go to Bed!

Ann GryCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2009

MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 15: Forward Ronaldinho of AC Milan during FC Inter Milan v AC Milan - Serie A match on February 15, 2009 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

What would you do if you met your favorite football player in a club? Ask for an autograph? Find out how the hell he missed that penalty with Aston Villa? Dance with him?

Well, that is so yesterday.

These days, you make sure that the player knows about his responsibilities and you simply send him to bed.

We’re talking about Ronaldinho, who had been out on the town with compatriot Nelson Dida, having fun and dancing with friends. Apparently, two young men started shouting at him to return home and go to bed because it was late and they had to train in a few hours.

Gazzetta dello Sport reports that the pair listened to the advice of the tifosi, and returned to their homes instead of ignoring them and keep on partying.

With Kaka gone, it is understandable that Milan are relying on another Ballon d’Or winner. Personally I think that this guy’s glory is over. He never was a hard-working type; all his achievements are thanks to his natural talent. You can’t learn discipline at the age of thirty, especially when you became the best football player without it.

When he came from Barcelona, he had one of the best welcoming parties. Confetti and dancers, forty thousands of people happy to see him in Milan kit. That was the perfect moment to leave his bad reputation in Barcelona and start a new life, as a grown-up player, who’s fed up with parties.

Never happened. And it won’t happen, no matter how many fans will be controlling him, sending him home, or even grounding him.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Ronaldinho will be the best again? Maybe he’ll start to work hard, come early to trainings in order to come back to previous form, and turn down Lays commercials?

Anyway, what would you do if you met your favorite football player? Personally, I would tell Sergio Ramos to pay more attention to his legs and pubic area instead of just waxing it. He had serious injuries with those parts, and we need him at his best this season. What about you?