Anderson Silva: Bigger Than Guns, Bigger Than Cigarettes

Matt RandallCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2009

Last night in the fight town of Killadelphia, we saw one of the most impressive wins in UFC history courtesy of Anderson Silva taking out the former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin.

Not only did Anderson silence the crowd, but he silenced the critics around the world in less than four minutes.

Griffin is a fan favorite, a brawler, a banger, and someone who loves to get hit and hit back. Last night though we saw him toyed with, man handled, and beaten down in one of the most shocking victories in quite some time.

Anderson’s victory itself isn’t the shocking part. What's surprising is the fact that Forrest was knocked down three times while Silva dropped his hands and begged Forrest to hit him.

Forrest didn’t stick around much longer afterwards; he sprinted to the locker room and drifted off into the night. Reports from Forrest’s camp have stated that he suffered a dislocated jaw and lost all hearing in his ear during the first knockdown. After the fight, he allegedly went straight to the hospital.

Silva showed last night why he is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. 

As thrilled as Silva must be right now, Dana White and the Zuffa family must be just as happy if not happier.

Since Strikeforce signed Fedor Emelianenko, Dana has had to not only defend himself and the UFC, but his fighters as well.

Now he can just sit back and relax, for now.

Anderson Silva’s future has taken front page news and has put the Russian’s future on hold for the time being.

So who and where does Anderson fight next?

Dana has stated that Dan Henderson, coming off a massive knockout victory over Michael Bisping, is next in line. That would be for the middleweight championship though.

The question remains, what does this mean for Anderson’s lightweight career and what about a super fight with Georges St. Pierre?

As complicated as things seem to be now, things just got a lot simpler for Georges. A fight with Anderson Silva in the near future seems a little pointless and futile.

Georges is the Welterweight Champion and Anderson is the Middleweight Champion. In order for them to fight each other, Dana has stated it would have to be at a catch-weight. Since Silva is also part of the light heavyweight team now, I don’t see Dana putting two belts on hold for a super fight.

The UFC needs to showcase excellent fight cards for each pay-per-view that they televise. Putting two divisions on hold in order to have a super fight between Georges and Anderson, just doesn't appear to be a part of the UFC's future plans.

Yes it would draw in millions for that event, but it could also mean that neither belt will be defended for up to almost six months. Not only does this force the championship belts to be put on hold, but the elite fighters in their respected division just can’t fight each other until Anderson and Georges become available.

It’s also bad for business.

Georges is the golden boy of the welterweight division, the golden boy of Canada, and the dude who shut BJ Penn up. Is putting him against the world’s best striker a wise decision?

What if he gets beat down, like he did to Penn?

Anderson is much bigger than Georges though. He is a big middleweight, and looked to be basically the same size as Forrest. I have a hard time believing that Georges could take him down as easily as he did against Alves or Penn. Even if he did take him down, I don’t know if he could ground and pound him for three full rounds.

Why let the UFC’s two most popular fighters duke it out right away? Why not just let the fans argue and banter back and forth and see how far the two can go on their own?

The UFC neeeds to build up the mystic; let the fighters become bigger than Jesus, bigger than breast implants, bigger than The Beatles, bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes.

I wouldn’t look to see the super fight anytime soon, especially since now Dana and Joe Silva have the option of being able to throw any light heavyweight at Anderson.

Before Anderson had just beaten James Irvin, even if it was in only one minute and one second. It was still only Irvin, but now he has taken out a much bigger name in Forrest, who was at the top of the division.

Coming off a loss which cost him his belt, he was supposed to bring back his "A" game, the same game that he used to beat Shogun and Rampage and that got him through the three round wars with Stephan Bonnar.

But now the possibilities in the light heavyweight division are endless.

Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans are facing off at UFC 107 in December to finish off season 10 of "The Ultimate Fighter" while Shogun Rua and Lyoto Machida are squaring off at UFC 104. Dana could easily match either the winner or the loser of each fight against Anderson.

The winner of Rampage and Evans could fight the winner of Rua and Machida. Then Anderson could fight one of the losers depending on how each fight went and who is healthy.

If Anderson wins once again at light heavyweight, then I would look for him to get a title shot. Now only time will tell whether that will be against Machida or Shogun, or the winner of Rampage and Evans.

In the meantime, Anderson has stated that he will not fight Machida because they are friends and training partners, but he does say that he wants to fight the best in the world. If Machida is still the champ after his next light heavyweight win, look for them to fight.

Dana will not let this picking and choosing go on; he will either schedule the fight or threaten to take Machida’s belt away. It wouldn’t be the first time a fighter’s belt has been stripped or close to being stripped for not defending in the allotted year that they are given.

As amazing as the fight at UFC 101 was, the future just seems to get brighter and brighter for the Zuffa family and the UFC. Nothing is better than when your biggest stars perform at the best of their abilities.

I just wouldn’t count on Dana setting up any super fights just yet. I think they are going to milk this in the light heavyweight division for as long as possible to really try to show the world that they don’t need Fedor because they already have the best fighter in the world.