Athletes' Tweets [HUMOR]

Jay KingCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2009

NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 11:  In this photo illustration the Twitter website is displayed on a mobile phone at a NRL match on July 11, 2009 in Newcastle, Australia. The micro-blogging phenomenon sees users post text 'tweets' of upto 140 characters in response to the question 'What are you doing?'.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

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A few days ago, the Boston Herald published a story about Glen Davis’ Twitter account. In it, they noted several of Big Baby’s “tweets,” including:

“Why is this (expletive deleted) taking so long!!! I really don’t understand!!!!

Anybody knows what’s going on with the Celtics? Cause I don’t!!!!!

Well I’m not worried about Sheldon!!! Great. Guy and great player!!! But we are different players you know!!!!!

I wonder how the weather (is in) Boston cause I haven’t been there in so long!!!!

I like some of you guys ideas!!!! I going to tell danny (ainge) about some of you guys ideas!!!!

I don’t know why then they sign (Williams) before me!!

Well I don’t know where I’m going to be!!! Where (you) guys think I’m going to be!!! Who needs a pf?”

Only the Twitter account wasn’t even Davis’. It was some random imposter claiming to be Davis, and Davis immediately called Danny Ainge to tell him it wasn’t really him making the tweets.

With the Big Baby Twitter fiasco in mind, here are some tweets from other noted athetes’ Twitter accounts, which may or may not be real…

@RashardLewis – Anybody know where I can get some syringes?

@MarcinGortat – Did the Magic really just pay me $34 million???

@JasonKidd – My son is gorgeous.

@DrewBledsoe – I still think I’m better than Tom Brady…

@JoshHoward – Burning one down, again…4th time today

@ShawnMarion – Doesn’t Cuban know I’m already washed up?

@AllenIverson – Guys, I won an MVP, four scoring titles & took E-Snow to the finals!!

@SebastianTelfiar – I hope the Clippers don’t think I can be a good backup point guard

@RashardLewis – They aren’t for me, for some other guy I know. Really

@ShawnMarion – Burning one down with @JoshHoward

@AntoineWalker – Looking for work. Desperately

@KobeBryant – $4 million apology rings go a long way

@DougChristie – Getting spanked by my wife. No, not fun - I am in trouble for talking to another girl. It was just my aunt!

@TonyRomo – RT @DonovanMcnabb TO was the best teammate I’ve ever had – HAHAHA

@CharlieVillanueva – Not even my mom thought I was worth $40 million. Thanks Joe D.

@CharlieWeis – This coaching gig really isn’t as easy as it looks.

@DirkNowitzki – Looking for @JoshHoward, trying to burn one down. He’s not picking up my calls

@PedroMartinez – Wish I’d quit after 2004

@A-Rod – I hit a walkoff home run? Against the Red Sox? Are you sure?

@ZachRandolph – Why do teams keep trading for me? I’m a well-known clubhouse cancer!

@RudyGay – Why the hell did we trade for Zach Randolph??

@OJMayo – Isn’t Zach Randolph a clubhouse cancer?

@ChrisWallace – HAHAH screwed my team over yet again! Traded for Zach Randolph!!

@BenGordon – I’m not worth $55 mil, but can you believe how much they gave Charlie V?

@StephonMarbury – People just don’t understand me. I’m a good, normal guy. Really.

@JoshHoward – Nobody tell Dirk, but I’m about to smoke again. 5th time. By the way, it’s 11 a.m.

@DwyaneWade – Is Mario Chalmers really our starting point guard???

@RashardLewis – @MannyRamirez Thanks for recommending that syringe spot


And finally…


@DougChristie – If any females are following me, please stop. I'm not allowed to have female followers. I love my wife sooo much!!