Fantasy Football: Top Ten Fantasy Excuses

Lizz RobbinsContributor IAugust 8, 2009

It's that time of the year again; when fantasy football players across the world are drafting what they hope to be a "championship" team. I'm in seven fantasy football leagues, two of the leagues I'm the commissioner.

I've been playing fantasy football for about four years now and I have yet to win a championship. However, I've never played in the Toilet Bowl; this is when the two teams with the worst records play each other. I'm feeling a little Joe Namath this year, and I predict at least one win, in one of my leagues.

We all know besides your draft order; one of the most important things is getting that "sleeper" player. You know the one you hoped everyone forgot about and you steal him in the seventh round. I was lucky enough last year to pick up Matt Forte (Bears RB), who went in the fifth round of one of my drafts.

My brother, who won his league; had Tom Brady, but for safe keeping picked up Matt Cassel, we all know the rest of the story.

What all fantasy players hope for is to not only win the championship, but most importantly, bragging rights until the next season. For those who don't win, they find every excuse in the book for what went wrong.

I've pulled together, with the help of my brother, a list of infamous excuses from fantasy football players who don't win the championship. To all the fantasy players out there, this is one top ten you always want to miss.


Lizz and Leroy's Top Ten Fantasy Football Excuses:

1.  The offense coordinator pulled my running back at the goal line

2.  My quarterback had a couple of bad games

3.  The "Bye" week gets me every time

4.  My team rocked on paper

5.  My "keeper" was injured during pre-season

6.  I forgot to put in my line-up one week

7.  My bench sucked

8.  My team had a bad season*

9.  If only my kicker made that 50-yard field goal

10. I had a bad draft...... I'll win it all next year

 *Never determine your fantasy players based on your favorite team

Good Luck Everyone! Happy Fantasy Football Season!