UEFA Cup Final Marred By Riots, and a Stabbing.

Ken FossAnalyst IMay 14, 2008

Zenit St. Petersburg won the UEFA Cup, 2-0 last night, the game however was far from eventful as a dull and listless Rangers side failed to realistically threaten the Zenit goal for the entirety of the ninety minutes.

But that wasn't the real story.

The real story began early as a riot started when a large screen failure left a mob of thousands in Piccadilly Gardens (the largest of the fan zones) without a way to see the game.

Irate fans hurled their best your momma jokes (I'm sure) at the small force of riot police stationed nearby as the Manchester City event staff tried to make the task of moving them to another location, happen.

As that crumbled, news from inside did nothing to help matters as Zenit controlled the game from start to finish, thoroughly deserving their win. But for some Rangers fans that wasn't enough, following the final kick blowouts began, leading one Russian fan to be stabbed. He was taken to a local hospital the injuries are not believed to be life threatening. 

All told 42 fans were arrested for various offenses. Six in connection to the stabbing

In a post match interview Kenny Scott, Rangers Security and Operations Manager said the following:

"Its very disappointing that the screen was incapable of operating at a critical time, it was a mainstay of the fan zones, and supporters have a reasonable expectation to see the match, but when its broken down then, I think they're understandably disappointed."

Catching himself quickly as the sharks in the media circled "but I have to say that... ugh... you have to balance that by saying that I never condone people who react in a violent and disorderly manner." 

My opinion is simple, there is a fine line between fandom and fanaticism, Football fanatics, over the last 20 or so years have gone so far over the line collectively they can't remember where it even is.

When your own Security Manager, is sympathetic to the plight of the poor fans who attempted to maim a Russian fan celebrating one of the biggest accomplishments in Russian Football history. You know you have a problem.