CM Punk Is Now My Hero

Jason BrownContributor IAugust 7, 2009

I really didn't like Punk when he first came to the WWE. He was bland, stale, and generic looking. I was just waiting until he got fired.

But he started getting a push and my I realized my dreams weren't going to come true, so I stopped being biased and really starting paying attention.

Yeah he was kind of ass on the mic, but his skills in ring were pretty good, at least compared to half the crappy wrestlers the WWE hires.

So Punk then wins two MITB, and gets a weak-ass title run. This actually made me like him more, because it easily made him the underdog, and I knew he wouldn't become a "Cena" lite.

Also he was a straight-edge both in life and on camera, and considering his appearance is didn't seem cliché and forced, and I thought if utilized properly, it could work out well.

So after Punk's "slowly but surely" heel turn it's only getting better to me. After again losing the title way too soon, it made me like him even more because I felt he was being slighted.

I know everyone says he didn't "earn" it, but it isn't like they have a whole of guys in the main event scene to choose from.

So now we have a guy coming out to the crowd preaching about the harmful effects of drugs and they boo him?

The best villains are the ones who believe they have a just cause. This is why HHH and Y2J remain my favorite wrestlers ever, because not once did they believe they were the bad ones.

So Punk comes out and tells the truth and he's the bad guy? At this point I am riding high on the Punk bandwagon. You expect me to cheer for a spotty drugged up-overachiever? No, but you do expect the 12-year-olds to, but that’s another story.

Now if I hated Punk before tonight, there would be no way I could still do so after this past Smackdown. Ok, Punk has Hardy down for the pin, then "enforcer" Matt Hardy (who I was almost glad to see, weird cheeks and all) pulls Punks off him so Jeff gets the 1, 2, 3.

And the commentators are basically condoning it like nothing ****** happened. Like Jericho would say: ”hypocrites."

If Hardy did that for Punk, Jim Ross would have had an Oklahoma fit. He goes out of his way to say how much of a fair and clean win it was. I mean how could you been any more biased than that, that in a nutshell its what’s wrong with the WWE.

Just because your target audience isn’t old enough to drive doesn’t mean we’re retarded. And what kind of message is that sending to kids? If you're a “former” drugged up performer, you can get your brother to help you out too. And since you’re a good guy, its hip and cool.

Sorry I ranted and went off-topic…

Punk puts Jeff's neck in a chair and throws it into the ring post. And then it happened. I don't think I cheered for someone more since like three years. You did it, Punk.

With Y2J losing to JTG (oh yeah, I Have to write about that) and HHH going on his annual DX tour soon, you have just moved to my current favorite guy. Punk, Orton, Morrison, you guys are all I have.