What To Do With Degeneration X, The Future Could Be Bright

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IAugust 7, 2009

We all can pretty much figure out that Shawn Michaels and Triple-H will face-off with The Legacy come SummerSlam on August 23rd. Now what happens after? Or what should happen following their match?

Well, the ratings haven't treated the WWE well recently and a DX reunion tour is just what the doctor ordered for Vince McMahon, and it's obvious the fans will never get enough from the collaboration of both the Heartbreak Kid and the King of Kings.

It wont help the WWE out much if this is one-time return match-up just to boost the pay-per-view buy rate. The DX reunion then becomes nothing but a tease and an obvious last-minute upheaval of TV numbers for Vince and his industry.

What the creative team has to do (i.e. Shawn and Hunter), is come up with a program that coincides with Legacy, maybe bring in the Hart Foundation. Remember the days of DX, Nation of Domination, the Corporation? That could happen again if Vince McMahon lets it. This is what the WWE needs and what the WWE Universe wants.

DX is one of the last working and exciting left in the business today. Michaels and Triple-H are still better than over 90 percent of the entire roster, and they can still use their charisma and experience to make everyone laugh and want more. Of course, when you look at the new Hart Foundation, there's family history here, and there is bitter history connected to HBK. Need I say more.

With Legacy, everyone knows that eventually the WWE will try their keisters off to put these guys over. Now, that isn't going to happen if they keep fighting the likes of Cryme Time. DX has, and will continue to try and help push the future while keeping their own legacy intact.

Only time will tell with what DX's future is, but I would seriously hope that WWE can bring back the stable generation. This will generate great television and that means more entertaining matches, and programs. Keep your fingers crossed, this could be something good.

The question then becomes, why not? Why not throw three stables every Monday night on the flagship program that is, Raw? I can almost guarantee that nobody would decline the chance to see DX, Legacy, and the new Hart Foundation go at every week for a while, would you?

I would soak up every minute of it.