Merging The UFC And WEC

Nate DoubleAnalyst IAugust 7, 2009

According to MMA Weekly Dana White and company are considering merging the WEC with the UFC.

This has almost been an inevitability ever since Zuffa dropped the light heavyweight, middleweight, and eventually the welterweight divisions from the WEC. Some of the better fighters have been absorbed into the UFC in the process.

Currently the WEC is broadcast (a.k.a. hidden) on the Versus network and has a number of big stars that are often used to carry their events.  Urijah Faber, Miguel Torres, and as of late, Mike Brown are the names that can bring in viewers.

One of the complaints of these card carrying stars is that they're paid far less than their UFC counterparts.  There is no reason Urijah Faber and Miguel Torres shouldn't be making six figures other than the fact that they're not on PPV.

I think the merger is a good idea.  Currently Zuffa is the only major U.S. MMA promotion that features bantamweight and featherweight divisions.  Also the WEC cards are flat out awesome.  More often than not the cards are better in quality of fights than many of the UFC cards.

Merging the two companies will also allow the UFC to put on more title fights as well as potentially more super fights. Both Miguel Torres and Urijah Faber have talked about moving up and down in weight for bigger challenges.

The WEC fighters would gain exposure on Spike and PPV so these awesome fights wouldn't be missed.  Increased exposure equals increased pay and happy fighters.  Great fights makes for happy fight fans and increased PPV buys.  Win, win, win.

I'd like to see fights such as Torres-Mizugaki on a PPV as a co-main event and Urijah Faber headlining a Spike TV card.  As long as the UFC doesn't relegate the lower weight fighters to the "may not be broadcast" section of the card, I think UFC fans will embrace the lower weight classes.