Playoff Game, at the INVESCO Field Next January or Not?

jose sierraContributor IAugust 7, 2009

DENVER - JANUARY 14:  Fireworks go off before the AFC Divisional Playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos on January 14, 2006 at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images)


I think they could have playoffs at Denver this year but I’m not sure about wining the AFC West.


The main reason for a playoff game this year is the offense making significantly less mistakes than last season.


Why I think they can do that? Because the Mc-D system is all about that try to not make them at all, or at least not to make them in the twenty yard line of both sides of the field.


What happened with the broncos last season? Why they can’t make it into the playoffs last year?


The last season the broncos had a great O-line allowing only a few sacks and an impressive year from Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal (91 receptions for a rookie not bad at all) and a promising rising star on Peyton Hillis even a pro bowler QB (that is not longer with the team) and also a great offense ranked second in the NFL, so why they cant make it into the playoffs?


 If we look at the big picture it looks like a nice season I really think that


But you have to think about a pathetic season by the defense ranked 29th and a year of one of the lowest takeaways records in the league and the fact of allowing an incredible amount of points that maybe explain the last part of the season catastrophe and why they can’t make it into the big games.


I hope this season, we the Denver Broncos fans can see a whole different story and finally see them make it into the playoffs.


Playoffs or not?


These are, in my opinion the reasons for a playoff appearance next January at the INVESCO field:


·         One of the best WR corp in the NFL.

·         One of the best and underrated O-lines.

·         A promising draft class including Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers.

·         And impressive set of DB including the best move of the Broncos offseason: Brian Dawkins.

·         A decent corp of LB with a great and underrated talent on Wesley Woodyard , D.J Williams and Andra Davis.

·         They loose the main reason of the red zone mistakes, Jay Cutler.

·         They will have the best defense in years (it can’t be worst).

·         A better decision maker at the QB spot.

·         Big changes at the defense.

·         Versatility in the backfield with Hillis and Moreno.

·         Kyle Orton finally has a good offensive system and he should have a great year.

·         Finally they got a nice couple of safeties instead of the last year fiasco.


And these are the reasons for another deception in Denver this season:


·         They have a rookie head coach.

·         Lack of playmakers in de D-line.

·         Lots of issues with his WR diva Brandon Marshall.

·         They loose they canon armed and pro bowler QB.

·         Several issues with the deep chart at the DE spot.

·         A tough rock solid schedule including Giants, Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots, etc.

·         All of the OLB for this year are making a difficult transition from DE position.

·         They will change the 4-3 for the 3-4 scheme and that needs time and a whole new kind of player at Dove Valley.

·         8 diferent starters from last year defense ( I dont know maybe this is a good thing )




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