Call Me Crazy: But I Have a Good Feeling About The Crew

Kyle ThompsonContributor IAugust 7, 2009

CINCINNATI - JULY 19:  Prince Fielder #28 of the Milwaukee Brewers runs to third base during the game against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park on July 19, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

With 54 games left to go in the marathon we call the Baseball seaon the Milwaukee Brewers are FOUR games back of the front running Cubs and Cardinals.  As a Brewers fan and one that has watched about 95% of the games this year, realize they have terrible pitching and an inconsistent line-up.  So what in God's green earth would give me the idea the Brewers have a chance to win the division.

The Brewers have been bitten horribly by the injury bug - that is not an excuse I understand, because other teams have to deal with it also - 2 of their regular starters are hurt and one that has been hurt for almost 2 months now (Dave Bush), and even though Jeff Suppan has sucked, he always seems to have one very good month, which hasn't happenend yet.  Dave Bush is very inconsistent but he is the Brewers second best pitcher when he has his good stuff.  My theory is the Brewers now have 3 very consistent pitchers in Parra, Looper, and obviously Gallardo, these 3 account for 60 percent of the starts.  The way I got it figured is 60% of 72 is 32.  Which with a bad start here and there from them and a couple of good starts by the other 2 would equal  26 to 30 wins.  Which means the Brewers record would end up with let just say 28 more wins, their record would be 82 - 80.

The hitting has been very inconsistent, but has been picked up alot since the Brewers were embarrassed by the two worst teams in the N.L.  With Ryan in the 3 hole and Prince 4th you know you will get that consistency from them.  It all depends on the leadoff hitters.  Which usually are Lopez (which was a great pick-up, no one talks about) and Craig City Counsell Member.  They both have been swinging a pretty bat, the problem is, is it is not at the same time.  When those two get on base with no one on out, it spells disaster for opponents.  McGehee has also been very consistent with the bat.  Cameron must pick it up along with Kendall who just sucks.  Macha needs to find a line-up and stick with it.

Trevor Hoffman and Todd Coffey have been lights out for the most part so once it gets to the 8th and 9th inning and the Crew has the lead.  It is almost game set and match.  With Stetter struggling to find what made him so dominate the Brewers don't have that Lefty vs Lefty matchup they need.

These points I made up in the middle three paragraphs may not convince you, but what I didn't point out is that out of the remaining 54 games 34 against the division, 16 against the Cubs and Cards, and 13 games against teams under .500.  So they have either have a chance to make up huge ground or completely fall apart under the pressure.  We will see and it most certaintly be a fun and interesting ride for all the Brewers faithful.