MSU Football Snubbed in First USA Today Coaches' Poll

Francisco E. VelazquezCorrespondent INovember 27, 2016

As expected by many across the country, the Florida Gators topped yet another preseason poll on Friday as the USA Today Coaches' Poll was released. Unexpectedly, however, the thriving Michigan State Spartans, who ended the 2008 season ranked 24th, were left out of the top 25 despite having an improved roster.

Texas, Oklahoma, USC, and Alabama round out the top five. The first Big Ten team on the polls is Ohio State right behind Alabama at sixth on the poll. Penn State is not too far behind holding down the eighth spot.

Nothing too surprising there.

The controversy is in the latter 10 or so spots.

Personally, I will never know how Oregon State, Brigham Young, Notre Dame (especially), Nebraska, North Carolina, and Florida State came in before the Spartans. Even Iowa at 21 is arguable. California at No. 12 is also laughable. 

The Spartan come in ranked 27th in the nation behind Kansas after the top 25. In my opinion, Kansas should have received some better play as well.

The biggest problem here (which I'm sure is being discussed in conversations across the country) is Notre Dame.

How in the...?

That goes to show how much notoriety plays on the polls rather than the actual talent. We've all had problems with the polls, but the latter half of this poll holds no legitimacy in my mind. These coaches have agendas and alliances to vote for, not fairness.

The bottom line is, regardless of my bias or not, the Spartans should be in the high teens, with some of those schools ranked in the 20s knocked out.