Bret Hart: Even Our Greatest Heroes Can Fall Hard

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 7, 2009

Hello everyone. As always, I would like to thank you again for spending some time with me.

I was originally going to do a spotlight on Bret Hart today. When ever I do my spotlights they require a lot of research and history checking. With a guy like Bret Hart, it was a pretty easy thing to do.

In the middle of putting my Spotlight together, I had a change of heart. It occurred to me while reading and checking my facts, that Bret Hart is a very bitter man. It was a very sad and hard thing for me to comprehend at first.

In this article, I will not be discussing Bret Hart’s career. We all know most of his accomplishments, and there isn’t much that I can add that would make my spotlight stand out from the other thousands out there.

Instead, what I would like to focus on here today is Bret Hart’s attitude towards the business. It seems to me that he has not only a grudge against it; he also has a general hatred for it.

After Bret Hart had his career ended in WCW, he has on countless occasions done nothing but bash the business that has made him great. In fact I still don’t think he has gotten over the Montreal screwjob.

I realize that after his wrestling career he was dealt a bad hand. At some point though he really needs to move on with his life, if you doubt what I have to say just read his recent book.

In his book you can just tell by the way that it reads out that he is still bitter. In his book he throws everyone under the sun into the fire. While some of it is deserved, there is also a lot of it that was very petty.

Instead of feeling bad for Hart after reading it, I instead found myself thinking that he is now a broken-down, self-loathing man. He has become exactly what he proclaims that he has tried to avoid becoming.

He is now a washed up, bitter and broken down ex-wrestler.

This is only more evident when you read or hear is interviews over the years. While he has said many times he forgives Michaels, he also still spends plenty of times bashing the man.

He has also said on many occasions that he is over the screw job. Yet I can dig up articles as recent as last year where he is still crying about it. I can pull up dozens of quotes and clips, but what would be the point?

They all say the same thing and I prefer to not slam him worst then I am now. I don’t do this with enjoyment; Hart was a hero for me as a kid. I used to worship the ground that he walked on.

While I still respect Bret Hart for everything he has accomplished in the ring. Hell, I still say he is one of the greatest ever to tie up the boots. I can’t help but pity the man that Bret Hart has now become.

I have watched my hero fall hard over the years. I was in denial over this for a very long time. It is always hard to watch your heroes fall from grace. It happens to a lot of people and I know realize that Bret Hart is no exception to the rule.

Bret Hart may always be the best there is and was. He is no longer the best there ever will be though.

Thank you all once again for spending time with me today.

As always, have a great day and God bless.