Are We Witnessing the Beginning of the End of Pro Wrestling?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 7, 2009

Former WWE star Bob Holly sat down with to go through a variety of topics but only one thing really caught my eye which I will discuss: But if you want to see the hot topics in the interview, click here.

Bob “Hardcore” Holly recently made a statement about the future of the WWE, which might raise a few eyebrows:

"Yeah, there’s nobody there who has the dedication, the focus, the ability to tell a story least not at the level that they need to move into the upper level. Even if they did, they’d still have to deal with the current group of guys at the top anyway and I don’t see them moving for a while.

"John Morrison, for example, he’s good, but it’s too early. He’s stuck at a level and he’s good where he is but he needs to focus and learn from the older guys to really click at the top level.”

Is Holly’s statement true? Not just for the WWE roster but for pro wrestling as a whole?

Okay sure there will never be another Hogan, Rock, or an Austin again but to say that there is no future is a big statement. This comment might set some fires under some of the young talent if not all.

After reading and breaking down the comment I decided to think outside the box: Instead of just picking on just WWE, I took a deeper look at TNA’s inspiring talent as well.

TNA has a slew of names that catches a fans' eyes and overall interest. With names like AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Samoa Joe, MCMG, and the list goes on…But there is one problem with that TNA does not know how to utilize them correctly.

TNA is not alone as I jump back to WWE…I agree and disagree with Bob Holly’s statement…Let me explain.

I disagree with Holly as WWE has few names that can keep WWE’s future bright, but it seems WWE’s recent pushes have failed-well the recent face pushes (Mark Henry, MVP and don’t know about Benjamin just yet).

Now I agree with Holly as stated: above some of the pushes have failed…So will this trend continue?

As fans, we would hope not, otherwise we would be watching the same people dominating show after show.

This would lead to numerous of things us fans don’t want: Stale storylines, feuds, and stale characters overall.

Are we seeing the beginning stages of pro wrestling’s own “2012?”

According to the ancient Maya calendar the world will come to an abrupt end on Dec. 22, 2012.

Not to go into religion, but in the Bible it says we will see major signs before the world ends…Many believe those signs have already started.

Now to jump back to the main topic, I have a question to ask: Are we seeing minor signs of the beginning of the end of the pro wrestling world:

  •          Decline in popularity
  •          Decline in ratings
  •          Stale storylines
  •          Lack of pushed talent
  •          And finally fans being frustrated with the overall product

All these things popped up in my head just from Bob “Hardcore” Holly’s statement…But this has been running through a ton of fans minds as of late: with fans seeming to have a dislike in the product of late.

Many have lost their passion for the sports/entertainment world. Can & will things change? If so when?

I believe so, as wrestling has always found away to adjust to times and right now is a time for wrestling to adjust once again.

You need to have fresh talent to transition once the veterans time pass.

These happenings concerns me as TNA looks like they are in a world of hurt already, with MEM, Sting, and Foley still breezing at top of the roster with no young talent really breaking through.

With veterans at the top of the food chain, still there is a lack of movement for the younger generation.

Although TNA’s overall ratings keep improving/growing everyone knows it can’t last especially if these bad habits continue. So can they push the younger talent when the veterans move out of the way?

Well if they move out of the way…As TNA has depended on already established talent from almost the beginning of the company.

But to go back and take a look at WWE they seem to have a campaign for building the younger talent but will see if it works…Which it should as WWE always had the ability to create new talent…Which is a hard task.

Hopefully the two major companies handle the pushing talent problem and other things that need to be addressed as well.

If not we may see two more cases of the WCW syndrome.

This is highly doubtable, but there needs to be a cleanup of this overall wackiness going on in the pro wrestling world to keep fan's attention.

Thank you for reading my latest piece like always I appreciate that a lot. Please your opinions, comments of the article and feedback.

Once again thank you.