What's Next For The 'Horns

Gunnar BrooksContributor INovember 8, 2016

As most of you Longhorn fans know last year's final rankings were screwed up. But, as we look past that into this year's season we will once again have the chance to overcome the odds and take home the BCS trophy.

Also, this year we have some threats.

1. Oklahoma Sooners This powerhouse team is looking to find a way to beat us at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. They also are trying to find way to in heal the wounds of last year's loss to Texas and the Gators in the BCS game.

2. UTEP Miners. Some of you might not find this a challenging game but a rivalry game in El Paso can put some stress on a team. This is the game last year that put Texas in 1st place. So don't trash me because these are just opinions.

3. OSU Cowboys. I pick them because they almost beat the 'Horns in '08 and now coming off a surge of disappointment in the game that "Could've Been." But, as a non-threat or so it seems right now the Longhorns should easily win this game

4. Texas Tech Raiders. This year might not be a threat because of Craptree crying his freaking eyes out about a contract worthy of him. Oh come back to Earth Prince Wonderful give it up. Anyway's I just put this because of the bitter taste they left in our mouths last year. This is probably just a game where we have to keep our nerves down

So these are the four teams  I think if we beat we'll be in the BCS game. Now, a 5th and I was kinda skeptical about adding this because this game will only happen in the BCS or bowl game.

5.  Florida Gators. Led by Heisman winning All-American Tim Tebow the Gators will be setting their eyes on Texas for the BCS. Starting practices at 4:30 in the morning is a good head start for this BCS team. This will be the toughest game for the Horns if it happens,